June Bloom: Harnessing new funding for social prescribing

June Bloom: Harnessing new funding for social prescribing

This month’s edition explains the importance of digital social prescribing, link workers, and our involvements in Mental Health Awareness Week and national link worker day. We celebrate our latest award for social prescribing partnership of the year award and how new funding opportunities are opening more availability for us to create similar opportunities with PCNs and ICBs to embrace interoperability to enhance patient outcomes to improve community mental health and wellbeing.

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Like most months for us at Access Elemental Social Prescribing we have been very busy exploring more ways to raise awareness, innovate, and celebrate all things social prescribing, and May was no different. 

We were able to both celebrate the amazing work Social Prescribing Link Workers do for our communities across the UK on National Link Worker Day, as well as raise awareness of different mental health support services including social prescribing during Mental Health Awareness Week. 

Here we made it our aim to raise awareness about the impacts of Link Workers’ tireless work and efforts have on improving community mental health whilst co-producing social prescriptions that matter to the individual.

We got involved in multiple activities to get involved in Mental Health Awareness Week including wearing it green for our mental health and taking our #momentsformovement to take time out of our day to get moving to benefit our mental health. 

Whilst getting involved in these activities we made it our aim to raise awareness about how we need to take action to tackle the mental health crisis we are facing across the country with individuals of all ages and demographics. Each day of the week we raised awareness about the different social determinants of health that can impact an individual’s mental health and how poor mental health impacts demographics different from children and young people, students, and adults. 

By addressing these key issues we were able to explain how social prescribing is an alternative to better cater to individual needs regardless of the sector or age group it is being delivered for, to highlight the benefits of digital social prescribing to help sectors, organsiations, and communities make better data-led decisions for the support needed both now and in the future. 

Embracing Interoperability – how can social prescribing streamline healthcare services?

Digitally transforming services across health and social care is becoming a major priority for the market. However, this journey goes further than just digitising paperwork it’s about streamlining workflows and processes to enable your services to gain the information you need when you need it, improve data sharing, and ultimately be able to make data-led decisions. 

Social prescribing also thrives when services digitally transform. At Access Elemental Social Prescribing we are constantly finding new ways to achieve this. Our most recent integrations with our electronic patient record Access Rio EPR and our Social Care Case Management System Mosaic have made it easier for health and social care professionals to gain full insight into a patient’s social prescribing journey as well as make a referral to Access Elemental within their system in a matter of three clicks. Here these integrations as well as our integrations with leading clinical systems make it easier to manage social prescribing referrals better and improve outcomes for your whole community. 

Life Rooms, was the first NHS Trust to benefit from our integration with our Access EPR solution and our partnership together has enabled Life Rooms to dramatically increase their admin time per patient by 70% as now instead of spending hours searching for support services appropriate for their patients, they can make a referral straight through to Access Elemental to notify a Link Worker to engage with the patient and start their journey. 

In the last year alone they have delivered over 2000 social prescriptions and over 94% of clinicians are left confident that once they make a referral all their patients will receive the care and support they need. 

This successful integration and our work with Life Rooms have led to us both winning the Social Prescribing Partnership of the Year Award at this year’s Link Worker Awards. This is a massive achievement and we are thrilled our hard work to make digitally transforming social prescribing services within primary care as seamless as possible is being recognised. 

Learn more about Life Rooms’ journey with us today and who knows we might be winning Partnership of the Year with you next year. 

Unlocking new funding opportunities to advance social prescribing

Securing sustainable funding is a significant challenge in social prescribing. Once obtained, the next hurdle is utilizing it effectively to maximize return on investment. The Digital Pathways Framework presents a new funding opportunity to encourage ICBs and PCNs to collaborate in modernising general practice. This funding is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

When new funding becomes available, deciding how to best allocate it can be challenging. This framework allows for 70p per patient to be invested in solutions and tools designed to modernise general practice. Access Elemental is one of the approved suppliers for this funding. Here are some key reasons to consider investing in social prescribing through this opportunity:

  • Cost-Effective Investment: Our software is competitively priced, using only a small portion of the 70p per patient, allowing the remainder to be allocated to other essential objectives.
  • Proven Impact: Recognised as the Social Prescribing Partnership of the Year, our solutions have shown significant benefits, such as reducing GP attendance by 65%, as seen with Action Together. This not only improves work-life balance for health and social care professionals but also generates substantial cost savings that can be reinvested to enhance patient outcomes.
  • Rapid and Ongoing Support: Our dedicated teams ensure you benefit from the funding within 6 to 7 weeks. Beyond implementation, we provide continuous assistance, tailoring our solution to your evolving needs. With us, you receive ongoing support to maximize your investment’s impact.

This new funding opportunity, amounting to £48 million, is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. It is crucial to act now to leverage this funding for preventative solutions that support your local community. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in making the most of this funding opportunity.

With new funding opportunities on the horizon, June will be a dynamic month for us. We’re dedicated to helping PCNs make the most of available resources to achieve their goals and enhance outcomes. 

Learn more about how PCN social prescribing works with Access Elemental today and join us in advancing care deliveries from reactive to proactive, by embracing digital innovations including digital social prescribing, assistive technologies, and technology enabled care, for better person-centered, sustained support to increase independence and prolong future care needs. 


Discover more about The Access Group HSC:

Our portfolio of integrated solutions empowers professionals in healthcare, support, and social care services to deliver joined-up quality and preventative care. With over 30 years of experience, we support local authorities alongside small, medium, and large organisations, to focus on the individual with the freedom to make it personal.




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