How social prescribing projects are using digital to identify those who are potentially vulnerable during COVID-19 / Part 5

How social prescribing projects are using digital to identify those who are potentially vulnerable during COVID-19 / Part 5
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How social prescribing projects are using digital to identify those who are potentially vulnerable during COVID-19 / Part 5


In Elemental previous blog we looked at how United Welsh and Tandridge District Council quickly adapted their services in response to Covid-19 by using digital to enhance remote working whilst continuing to provide much needed support during this critical time.

Shining a spotlight on our community and healthcare workers who continue to keep our communities mobilised, connected and supported

This week, we are highlighting the work being done by more of our incredible customers, with a focus on how they’ve adapted their services in the face of Covid-19, and how using digital enhanced their ability to do this remotely.


In response to the Covid-19 public health emergency, the team at One Health Lewisham began identifying people who were potentially vulnerable and in need of assistance. Over the past six weeks, the GP Federation’s team have been working through a staggering list of around 6,000 potentially vulnerable or ‘at risk’ residents drawn from the Elemental Platform and GPs EMIS lists.

The vision of One Health Lewisham is to empower primary care, working in partnership to facilitate and support access to the best possible care for everyone. The aim of their conversations with potentially vulnerable patients during this pandemic is to make sure there is no decrease in their quality of life and to ensure they have access to social or welfare support and care.

Elemental respond further to the remote needs of their customers by converting all face to face training to online

The team have found that they are dealing with a mixture of existing social prescribing clients, as well as patients being referred through Elemental by GPs, or who have been identified through EMIS, which integrates with Elemental’s platform..   

“The assertive outreach we have been doing over the phone to these 6,000 people has identified a list of people who are in immediate need which we can provide support for. A number of these patients have shown an interest in availing of our social prescribing services also, so we have entered them on to Elemental in preparation for us continuing to work with them in the aftermath of this crisis, as and when restrictions are lifted.

“We are looking forward to the future with Elemental Self Refer being something we hope to avail of as the pandemic starts to quieten down. This will be especially vital for us if we hit a post-pandemic depression or an economic fall out.” – Dave Barnard, Right By You Programme Manager & Social Prescribing Service, One Health Lewisham


Following public health advice in response to Covid-19, the community development charity Volunteer Cornwall quickly took action to enable a majority of staff to work from home and to continue supporting their community. The team have been carrying out telephone and video call consultations with residents who have been identified as potentially vulnerable or in need.

Volunteers acted quickly to develop a Covid-19 directory of services for those in need, which they are using to sign post residents to a range of community and online supports such as digital ‘learn to be calm’ sessions.

The impact Volunteer Cornwall has seen over the last number of weeks has been very positive, with the team continuing to provide care and support in challenging times. 

One example of a huge impact being made was how the team supported a homeless man who had been living in a container. Through working with the council, volunteers were successful in getting the man off the streets and into supported living, as well as providing him with essential kitchen electricals. It is near impossible for homeless people to adhere to lockdown regulations without a home, so the work being done by Volunteer Cornwall is more crucial than ever to saving lives.

“The Elemental Platform has enabled volunteers to continue our work of providing support through these challenging times remotely. We are able to record everything we are doing, which will give us an in depth analysis detailing the evidence of our impact. We can’t wait to see the results.” – Julie Pollard, Social Prescribing Coordinator, Volunteer Cornwall

Strengthening community support through digital social prescribing during Covid-19: 

Click here to find out how Elemental is enabling NHS Councils, Housing, and VCSE organisations to work better together for support for the most vulnerable during Covid-19.

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