Hospital Asset Inventory Management Solution (HAIMS) to reduce clinician burnout

Hospital Asset Inventory Management Solution (HAIMS) to reduce clinician burnout
Nurse burnout is a real issue in hospitals. Here’s how our asset inventory management system alleviated the problem.
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Asahi Technologies’ vision was to create a web-based solution that allows caregivers to place  service requests directly from the patient’s bedside using their phones and/or computers. This  solution would allow requests to be sent to a central location where they would be streamlined  for delivery through delivery personnel. Equipment could be gathered or support could be  assigned to each request which would then be delivered to predetermined locations. 

Hospital Asset Inventory Management System (HAIMS) is the product of Asahi Technologies’  vision, it is a just-in-time request application that provides caregivers an avenue to get the  needed equipment and support without losing time from patient care. It has an all-in-one  dashboard that allows the administrators to set up, manage, and track all aspects of the  software solution to ensure it aligns with their overall needs. 

HAIMS is currently being used in one of America’s largest children’s hospitals, and has helped  reduce nurse burnout. 

Here’s the stats on the tasks streamlined at the hospital. 

8500+ Orders fulfilled / month 

33K+ Equipment managed / month 

22K+ Audit scans / month 

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HAIMS administrative portal has an all-encompassing dashboard that provides real-time  updates on all orders (new or existing). The dashboard provides abilities to monitor, assign,  close and override orders from a single place without having to move around to various  applications. All notifications/comments/updates to the orders by the on-ground services team  can be acted upon immediately. 


HAIMS can be customized to meet the needs of any size hospital, facility, or medical center  with the option to add multiple locations for each client. It offers a number of infrastructure  options to add equipment, supplies, or service needs that a facility requires. The application can  also set customized service-level agreements (SLA) to establish a consistent service standard.  Additionally, the HAIMS captures all order-related data to produce numerous reports for SLA  trends, status tracking, productivity, and equipment trends. 

HAIMS was built in a specialized SaaS manner so that any hospital, facility can have multiple  facilities tracked using the same application, across various physical locations. The  administrative center can be at one physical location whereas the equipment services team  can work out of another. 

The reporting module allows the team to monitor various aspects of the entire operation for  various specific measurement aspects – based on facility, individual productivity, equipment,  etc. on a both high level and on a granular level for a customizable date range. All the reports  can further be exported as CSV files or be asked to be sent via emails to configured recipients. 

Ease of Use 

HAIMS has the dual benefit of being 1) designed around operations, and 2) easy for anyone to  pick it up and submit requests. A caregiver’s desired service is only a few clicks away! 

The management side of the application allows administrators and technicians to monitor,  track and modify requests with very little training. Several indicators will keep users aware of  the most urgent requests and when others are becoming more urgent. There are a number of  custom labels that can be utilized by administrators to add instructions throughout the  ordering process, quickly facilitating access to more complex equipment types. 

The mobile app makes this possible. The ability to receive new order requests, mark them as  complete or provide any updates on them from anywhere in the facility, helps ensure that no  order is delayed or missed and there is accountability at every step of the process. Push  notifications to the hand-held devices ensure that the service team is always up-to-date on all  communications or changes/updates to the order.  

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HIPAA Compliant 

In a world where technology is ever expanding, we wanted to make sure that our software is  designed to protect the data collected within the system by utilizing industry-standard security  protocols and the latest encryption methods. HAIMS can also be configured with some existing  single-sign-on systems for proper verification and ease of use. These functions ensure that only  the appropriate staff will be able to initiate or review each request. Users can view their  historical order data, track the progress of their requests, and edit requests as needed. 

The architecture of the application has been designed in a way to ensure that the entire  platform is HIPAA compliant from the get go. All tenants (clients) have isolated databases  which are encrypted using the latest encryption standards/techniques. Single sign-on (SSO)  ensures that only the hospital authorized staff/technicians can use the application to request  equipment for patients. IP address based restrictions ensure that the application is not  accessible outside the required IP-ranges that are allowed/authorized by the hospital/facility. All  data transfers (via REST) between the various moving pieces of the platforms are encrypted  using SSL. 

Customer Service 

Asahi Technologies takes pride in providing world-class customer service to its clients and  works alongside our customers to add and adjust features to meet the ever-changing demands  of the organization. All issues or requests are handled quickly with an estimated timeline for  completion to allow a seamless experience for both the client’s and front-line users. An  implementation team is assigned to each client to ensure that the roll-out of the process for  the software solution can be managed, adjusted, and tested accordingly. 

Asahi Technologies executes a proven best-practices solution, enabling efficiency through  managing patient volume changes due to fluctuating census, real-time adjustments to  equipment distribution, tracking equipment status, and providing reporting documentation for  all centrally-managed mobile medical equipment. 

HAIMS is a device-agnostic, always-on intelligent app that makes hospital asset management  simple, cost-effective, secure, and scalable with latest track and trace technologies, speech enabled order placement and built-in analytics to ultimately reduce nurse burnout, enhance  patient engagement and care. 

 Discover more about Asahi Technologies:

We design and deliver healthcare solutions that improve patient care and drive better medical outcomes. It doesn’t matter if your project is extensive or simple; we are problem-solvers, solution builders and trusted partners. It’s one of the reasons our clients love working with us – they know we put their success at the heart of everything we do.


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