"Health Services Directories Australia" is coming to Europe to set-up a presence in Estonia

“Health Services Directories Australia” is coming to Europe to set-up a presence in Estonia
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Australian Start-Up company Health Services Directories Australia, member of the ECHAlliance and The Digital Health Society, is coming to Europe to set-up a presence in Estonia with the intent of establishing a “Health Services Directory” (HSD) across Europe.

Nearly all hospitals, aged care, community care and primary care organizations independently maintain address books of local clinicians.  They are usually kept separately in a range of different databases and creates a large administrative burden on providers and the public.

Health Services Directories Australia has a two unique solutions for this problem.

The first is the National Health Services Directory (Australian NHSD), a single repository of health and social care services.  It combines both public, private and not for profit organizations, offering operational and transactional information, such as:

  • opening times
  • service contact details
  • secure messaging (e-prescriptions,discharge summaries etc), which allows “the free flow of data” across borders 

This “Single Source of Truth” is a significant national database of knowledge filled “with accurate and current information”.  It is now the foundation stone for Digital Health in Australia, with over 9.5 million transactions/month 

The second initiative is the National Healthmap, which combines data from the NHSD and other major national data sets, such as census, transport, construction to provide the “Advance Visual Data Analytics platform” based on Google Maps.

This greater accessibility to “data” brings opportunities for further insight and innovation to the health sector.  This is essential to meet the complex, long term challenges of an ageing population, increasing rates of chronic disease and growing population demands, whilst delivering a more equitable and sustainable health sector.  

Health Services Directories Australia will be meeting with interested parties from 14 – 26th May, for further information contact:

Laurie Hawkins,


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