Harvesting wellbeing: Embracing social prescribing standards

Harvesting wellbeing: Embracing social prescribing standards
How to improve student retention by informing universities on how to adopt the social prescribing model to improve student’s wellbeing
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Autumn normally is a season for change and transition, and for Access Elemental Social Prescribing it is no different. As the leaves turn vibrant shades of red and gold, us at Access Elemental are embracing a season of change and transformation too by becoming the PRSB’s first social prescribing partner as the new standards come into play. 

This autumn we are also wanting to help many others cope better during this transitional time by helping universities improve their student retention and reduce university drop-out rates. 

Promoting the importance of social prescribing 

Like most months we were very busy in sharing the importance of social prescribing and the benefits of investing in digital to measure the impact social prescribing has. At the end of September we took part in the Digital Social Prescribing Summit with the National Association of Link Workers. 

During our talk we shared the amazing benefits, one of our customers Merseyside Care has experienced since working with us. Some of these benefits included receiving over 5,000 different referrals from a number of different referrals routes with a 1/3 being self-referrals. We also shared how being able to measure the impact of social prescribing can help secure multi-funding streams from various organisations to help build social prescribing services further. 

It was a great event to be a part of and to share and join in with multiple conversations about the benefits of investing in digital social prescribing such as being able to offer better safe and assured pathways to improve both the wellbeing of the individual and their local community too. 

What is the significance of the social prescribing standards?

At the end of last month we were super excited to announce we had become a new partner of the PRSB. With the new social prescribing standards coming into play at the end of September this move and collaboration was crucial for us so we could start our journey in becoming the first social prescribing standard to be conformant against the PRSB’s Social Prescribing Standard. 

At Access Elemental Social Prescribing data integration plays a pivotal role for us in ensuring people receive holistic and effective care. We work hard to ensure our social prescribing software integrates with a variety of different systems so that health and care professionals no longer need to spend hours on admin tasks and re-keying the same information over and over again. 

We know social prescribing works and through joining the PRSB’s Standard’s Partnership Scheme, we can start our journey to become the first social prescribing system to be conformant of the new standards. Here we can show how our social prescribing software can help all services make better data-led decisions to help social prescribing referrals be managed more effectively. 

This in turn will help ensure there is more consistency in how link workers can record social prescribing data and how this information can get fed back to the referrer and the individual themselves. 

Later this month we will be hosting a webinar to explain the importance of these new standards further and the benefits we believe it will have now and in the future for everyone involved in social prescribing regardless of the social prescribing journey they are on. 

Come join us at our Open Lounge to help you prepare for the PRSB Social Prescribing Standards so you can ensure your social prescribing service invests in digital social prescribing platforms that will be conformant. 

Navigating the university transition: How social prescribing ease the journey?

Did you know on average 6.3% of students drop out of university each year with some universities seeing a drop-out rate of 32%? 

At Access Elemental Social Prescribing we want to help universities improve their student retention to prevent student drop-out rates and improve student’s overall university experience. 

With October being one of the biggest months for university drop-outs it is crucial for universities and student support centres to know and understand what can impact a student’s wellbeing and mental health. There can be a variety of factors which can impact a student’s university experience but the events of the last few years have also made a detrimental impact. 

Many students have had to face mass disruption due to the pandemic and strikes and now many students fear not being able to afford university due to the cost-of-living crisis. It is crucial therefore universities have procedures in place to best support their students to ensure them they can be supported throughout and dropping out is not the only option. 

Unfortunately, due to this disruption many students have had to face many student counsellors are often overworked and have long waiting lists. Students can wait to see a counsellor for a prolonged period of time which in turn can make their mental health worse. 

One way the transition to university life or the transition from one university year to the next can be made smoother by adopting the social prescribing model. Currently there is lots of evidence for social prescribing working general but there is limited knowledge on how it can be adopted within the education sector and in particular universities. 

At Access Elemental we want to make sure all universities can adopt a social prescribing model seamlessly to help prevent student drop-outs, improve student’s experience and also improve their uptake of future students by demonstrating the importance of academic achievement as well as social wellbeing too. 

Download our social prescribing in university guide today to find out how best to make the transition to and university seamless for students and better connect them to their new community so they can learn skills for life to continuously manage their health and wellbeing better. 


This autumn we are passionate in demonstrating the importance of seamless transitions and how important it is to get the best outcomes to avoid stress. Whether it’s joining partnerships with the PRSB, attending webinars to share the importance of social prescribing and how best to measure it, or helping share how social prescribing can be applied to many different sectors as well as primary care, we are busy doing lots this autumn to help your social prescribing service improve your outcomes further. 

For more information on our social prescribing software contact us today. 

Follow us on LinkedIn where you will be able to see all our activities throughout September live and see how we are working hard to spread the importance of being able to manage social prescribing better, so we can have more consistency across data, and most importantly help you grow more and more each year without any issues. 


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