GATEKEEPER Kick-off Meeting “Smart Living Homes: Whole Interventions Demonstrator for People” 23 – 25 October 2019

GATEKEEPER Kick-off Meeting “Smart Living Homes: Whole Interventions Demonstrator for People” 23 – 25 October 2019
Horizon 2020

The new project GATEKEEPER will be officially launched in Madrid on 23rd – 25th  October. The project, funded by the Horizon 2020 programme, is coordinated by Medtronic Iberica and the Technical University of Madrid, while ECHAlliance is one of 43 partners (see the full list below).

The project will create a GATEKEEPER, that connects healthcare providers, businesses, entrepreneurs, elderly citizens and the communities they live in, in order to originate an open, trust-based arena for matching ideas, technologies, user needs and processes, aimed at ensuring healthier independent lives for the ageing populations. By 2022, GATEKEEPER will be embodied in an open source, European, standard-based, interoperable and secure framework available to all developers, for creating combined digital solutions for personalised early detection and interventions that (i) harness the next generation of healthcare and wellness innovations; (ii) cover the whole care continuum for elderly citizens, including primary, secondary and tertiary prevention, chronic diseases and co-morbidities; (iii) straightforwardly fit “by design” with European regulations, on data protection, consumer protection and patient protection (iv) are subjected to trustable certification processes; (iv) support value generation through the deployment of advanced business models based on the VBHC paradigm.

GATEKEEPER will demonstrate its value by scaling up, during a 42-months work plan, towards the deployment of solutions that will involve ca 40.000 elderly citizens, supply and demand side (authorities, institutions, companies, associations, academies) in 8 regional communities, from 7 EU member states.

The first day is organized in 3 parallel working sessions for the different thematic clusters of the project. The goal is to discuss in detail the Work Plan of the different WPs and DSs for the first 6 months and the synergies needed within the cluster, also identifying interactions with other clusters or open issues that could be addressed during the following days of the meeting.

On the second day, there will be a plenary consortium session with the global overview and conclusions from the clusters sessions, in which each WP will explain their vision and strategies. During the afternoon, there will be two parallel sessions: the first Project Steering Committee meting and a technological showcase. During the showcase, both Pilots and Companies will illustrate their own technologies and will explain what they are bringing to the project in collaboration with the rest of the partners.  

The third day, there will be an Open Plenary Session, where the partners will show the project’s vision and will have a thematic debate with key opinion leaders of the sector to talk about the challenges that health sector innovators face on meeting the conditions that enable the sharing of health data.

Experts interested to attend this session may find the provisional agenda here and contact Valentina Tageo ( for further information.

List of Partners

Medtronic Iberica SA (ES)

Engineering – Ingegneria Informatica SPA (IT)

Samsung Electronics Limited (UK)

Hewlett Packard Italiana srl (IT)

Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (ES)

Ethniko Kentro Erevnas Kai Technologikis Anaptyxis (EL)

Stmicroelectronics Grenoble 2 SAS (FR)

Mysphera SL (ES)

Geie Ercim (FR)

HL7 International Fondation (BE)

ECHAlliance Company Limited by Guarantee (IE)

UDG Alliance (CH)

Mandat International Alias Fondation Pour la Cooperation Internazionale (CH)

Universiteit Utrecht (NL)

Consorcio Centro de Investigacion Biomedica en Red M.P (ES)

Panepistimio Ioanninon (GR)

Fundacion Tecnalia Research & Innovation (ES)

The University of Warwick (UK)

Fondazione Politecnico di Milano (IT)

Multimed Engineers SRL (IT)

Medisanté (FR)

Open Evidence (ES)

Funka Nu Ab (SE)

Regione Puglia (IT)

Servicio Aragones de la Salud (ES)

Servicio Vasco de Salud Osakidetza (ES)

Sense4Care SL (ES)

Technische Universitaet Dresden (DE)

Carus Consilium Sachsen GmbH (DE)

The Open University (UK)

Harokopio University (EL)

Anaptyxiaki Diadimotiki Eteria Psifiakes Polis Kentrikis Elladas Ae Ota (Intermunicipal Development Company Digital Cities of Central Greece SA) (EL)

Panepistimio Patron (EL)

Stegi Evgirias Archaggelos Michael Kaimaklioy (CY)

The Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends 1986 (CY)

Ibermatica Sa (ES)

Asociacio Centro de Excelencia Internacional en Investigacion sobre Cronicidad (ES)

EIP on AHA Reference Sites Collaborative Network (BE)

Biobeat Technologies Ltd. (DE)

Fondazione Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza (IT)

Bioassist (EL)

Universytet Medyczny W Lodzi (PL)

Orthokey Italia s.r.l (IT)


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