Focus on e-health during Sweden's presidency

Focus on e-health during Sweden’s presidency
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The Swedish eHealth Agency has supported the Swedish Government Offices in three assignments and tasks during Sweden’s presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Cross-border interoperability 

On June 1-2 the Swedish eHealth Agency arranged the eHealth Network Meeting. One of the topics at the meeting was continued efforts to develop eHealth Network Guidelines on electronic exchange of health data. The purpose of the Guidelines is to facilitate the cross-border interoperability of electronic health records and data in the EU. 

The eHealth network is a voluntary network consisting of the European Commission and the Member States. 

The network meets twice a year and its aim is to agree on guidelines in order to leverage access, quality and sustainability in cross-border health systems and services in the European Union.

Personalised medicine 

The Swedish Presidency organized the Life Sciences conference – The Era of Personalised Medicine on June 26–27 in Stockholm. The intention of the conference was to exchange knowledge on how to use the possibilities of precision medicine to modernize care.

The conference focused on taking the next step in the development and organization of personalized medicine to benefit research, society and individuals. To achieve progress, continued international dialogue and cooperation between key stakeholders is needed. This conference highlighted the importance of research and innovation, by showing challenges and opportunities for Europe.

The Swedish eHealth Agency arranged the break-out session headlined: How will a reformed digital infrastructure affect countries’ opportunities in personalised medicine? 

Empowering individuals 

Together with the National Board of Health and Welfare in Sweden, the Swedish eHealth Agency, are the expert agencies, working with the new legislative proposal on the European Health Data Space (EHDS). A proposal which the European Commission presented in the spring of 2022.

The goal of the proposal legislation is that health data of good quality can be shared efficiently and securely within and between EU countries. Digital access to and control of electronic personal health data will empower individuals nationally and within the European Union. It will also support free movement within the EU. 

Discover more about the Swedish eHealth Agency

The Swedish eHealth Agency is a government agency that works to digitalise and improve the sharing of information between patients, the healthcare system and pharmacies.


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