EUREKA collaborative R&D: Advanced manufacturing

EUREKA collaborative R&D: Advanced manufacturing
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UK businesses can apply for a share of up to £2 million to develop photonic technologies in partnership with organisations from EUREKA countries.


To be eligible for funding from Innovate UK your collaboration:

  • must include at least one UK based micro, small or medium sized enterprise (SME)
  • must include at least one eligible partner from one of the participating countries of the EUREKA Network in Photonics
  • can include other UK businesses of any size and UK based research organisations
  • must follow the full process correctly

Dates and deadlines

Competition opens25 March 2019
Final date for registration for Innovate UK FTP site accessMidday 15 July 2019 UK time
London briefing event4 April 2019
Edinburgh briefing event24 April 2019
South Wales briefing event8 April 2019
North Wales briefing event9 April 2019
Deadline for Innovate UK submission (including EUREKA project application form) by FTPMidday UK time 25 July 2019
Deadline for submission of only the EUREKA project application form (by email)10:59pm UK time 25 July 2019
UK point of contact notified13 September 2019
Expected project start dateBetween January and June 2020

Your start date will depend on the national funding procedures of the countries involved in your project. As a guide we expect this to be between January 2020 and June 2020. Projects can last up to 3 years. Please read the competition brief before you make your application. It contains information on requirements, eligibility and funding.

Assessment and selection process

For this competition, Innovate UK has the right to use a portfolio approach. This will be as a result of independent expert assessment.

Innovate UK’s assessment process involves the following general conditions:

  • all eligible and in scope applications will be assessed by up to 5 external UK assessors who are experts in the area of photonic based technologies and innovations
  • assessors will base their assessment on both the EUREKA project application form and the Innovate UK application form
  • UK assessors will score applications consistently and in line with scoring matrices
  • UK assessors will provide written feedback for each marked question reflecting on the national and international aspects of the application
  • the UK nominated point of contact will be notified of the funding decision
  • all assessed applications with UK grant claiming partners in the competition will receive UK assessor feedback

In parallel to Innovate UK’s application assessment, all the other national funding agencies of the participating countries in the EUREKA Network in Photonics will conduct their own independent assessments according to their national procedures.

A selection panel consisting of representatives from the participating national funding agencies will decide on the projects to be recommended for funding. The selection will be based on the results of the individual national assessments while taking into account the funding available from each participating country.

3. How to apply

Before you apply into this competition, it is important to understand the whole application process.

Applications submitted to this competition with UK grant claiming partners have 2 parts:

  1. EUREKA project application form.
  2. Innovate UK application form, along with the required supporting documentation.

EUREKA project application form

The lead applicant must download the EUREKA project application form and work with the EUREKA project partners to complete it. The completed form must be emailed by the lead applicant to by 11:59pm Central European Summer Time (10:59pm UK time) on 25 July 2019. Your email subject line must be: EUREKA Photonics Call 2019.

On the EUREKA project application form, UK partners must provide costs and duration only for the ‘implementation phase’ and leave the ‘definition phase’ empty.

The EUREKA project application form will be checked for completeness and eligibility according to the national conditions of the participating countries and associated funding agencies as part of the EUREKA Network in Photonics.


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