ECHAlliance member Connected Health to create 200 jobs in Irish expansion

ECHAlliance member Connected Health to create 200 jobs in Irish expansion
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Pictured (L-R) are Gemma Jordan, Senior Relationship Manager, Commercial Banking NI at Ulster Bank, and from Connected Health Director Ryan Williams and CEO Douglas Adams.

Northern Ireland domiciliary care provider Connected Health is to create 200 new jobs in Leinster and Connaught after expanding its operations into the Republic of Ireland.

With finance provided by Ulster Bank, the Belfast-based organisation has secured a controlling stake in Dublin-based care provider Home Care Plus, which currently employs 160 people. The new posts will double staff numbers at Home Care Plus over the next 12 months. They will be based in Dublin, the Midlands, border counties and the West.

Connected Health CEO Douglas Adams says the investment in Home Care Plus ushers in a new era of cross-border collaboration in care. “We’re delighted to join with the team at Home Care Plus, having secured a major interest in the company. We share the same values, both in our dedication to quality service delivery and our commitment to continuous staff development.

“Our new relationship will allow us to expand our brand of enhanced care provision with the help of technology into the all-Ireland arena.”

Michael Harty, Founder of Home Care Plus, said: “Home Care Plus is delighted with the investment of Connected Health in our business. “We expect Connected Health’s in-depth sector knowledge; experienced management team and financial clout will enable us to take full advantage of the opportunities in the Irish homecare market.”

Gemma Jordan, Senior Relationship Manager, Commercial Banking NI at Ulster Bank, said:

“Ulster Bank is pleased to provide finance to Connected Health to realise its ambitious growth plans and secure a major interest in Home Care Plus. Its investment in the care provider is the latest in a series of significant developments for the company and one that will position it as an all-island service provider. Home Care Plus will benefit from the wealth of market knowledge and expertise that has seen Connected Health significantly increase its workforce in recent years.

“The two companies share the same core values and are well embedded in their own respective markets to work collaboratively to set a benchmark for care provision.”

Mr Adams explained that Connected Health is currently deploying a pilot technology platform in Ireland which provides safeguards for both patients and care workers and reassurance for families.

We employ over 600 community care workers who provide tailored care services to over 1200 clients, including preparing meals four times per day and dispensing medication.

“Care workers have access to a phone to check-in with patients. Should a call be missed this is immediately flagged on our system and we’re able to respond to the care needs of the patient efficiently.

“The digital platform has an integrated dashboard for immediate family to monitor the care being delivered; to read progress reports about how their loved ones are responding to the care. It provides real comfort and assurance to patients, their families and their carers.”

Connected Health, which currently employs 610 people in Ireland (450 in NI), announced in April that it will create 200 new jobs in Northern Ireland.

Mr Adams adds: “Domiciliary care is the foundation of any successful healthcare system.

“Ours is an ageing population, and one that is only expected to grow. With that comes greater strain and pressure on our health care institutions. Underpinning any robust health service is the provision of quality domiciliary, palliative and acute care delivered within the community.”

About Connected Health Ltd

Connected Health CEO Douglas Adams and Director Ryan Williams took over operations for the company in 2015 and have positioned it as one of Northern Ireland’s foremost supported living care providers. Mr Adams and/or Mr Williams are available for interview.

Home Care Plus currently provides regular home care to over 110 patients in the greater Dublin area.

In May last year, Connected Health lodged a successful joint bid with Home Care Plus to Ireland’s Health Service Executive that will see the two companies provide their services to patients in 16 counties in the Republic.

Connected Health Ltd is an independent private home care provider. The organisation aims to develop and deliver a portfolio of services that allows people choice and access to the most appropriate care, whilst remaining in their own homes longer. 

Connected Health’s services include home care, remote health monitoring, health & wellbeing, and community enablement. The services can be delivered either on a discreet stand-alone basis or as a package.

The company works in collaboration with the public health and social care sector. Connected Health currently employs 450 people in Northern Ireland and 190 in the Republic of Ireland.


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