ECHAlliance May 2017 Newsletter

ECHAlliance May 2017 Newsletter
Member News

Many thanks to all our members, partners, speakers and attendees who made it happen,ECHAlliance @ eHealth Week !

ECHAlliance were pleased to take a leading role at eHealth Week 2017, with members of the team speaking at several key sessions on virtual reality, changing the way we think and scaling up digital innovation. The team profiled some of the most exciting innovations from across Europe through our ‘1 minute interviews’ and, alongside the European Commission and HIMSS, we hosted Speakers’ Corner to provide a stage to 25excellent projects and initiatives.

ECHAlliance was also delighted to launch the ECHAlliance Coalition of the Willing – a new movement to lead the transformation of digital health across Europe and to kick off the Digital Health Society, as part of our partnership with the Estonian eHealth Presidency 2017.

Read the Press Release here
Download presentations here
View the Photo Gallery here


Don’t miss the new & improved Global Connector Platform and Connect with more than 16,500+ experts

ECHAlliance launched in November 2015, the Global CONNECTOR online platform, in order to support our partners/members in promoting their organisation, developing their relationships and communications across our 16,500+ Digital Health community.

The first phase of Connector proved to be effective and has provided us with an opportunity to experiment with the platform. Since the launch of Connector we have worked with many users and we have listened to your comments, suggestions and feedback about Connector. We would like to thank you for your feedback and support.

Now we are glad to inform you that we have improved Connector!

Have a look and update your profile here


What is ECHAlliance and how we can help you?

Upcoming Ecosystem Meetings

We are pleased to share the dates for the upcoming Ecosystem Gatherings across the network.

Details available on Connector here

• Oulu, Finalnd, 30 May 17
• DigitalHealth London, UK, 15 June 17
• North West Coast, UK, 20 June 17
• Galicia, Spain, 29 June 17
• Yorkshire & Humber, UK, 11 July 17
• Manchester, UK, 20 July 17

ECHAlliance members wishing to attend the Ecosystem meetings should contact for registration details. Learn more about the ECHAlliance Ecosystem Network: here


Ecosystems News

Missed or couldn’t get in to the Catalan Webinar? The latest in the series of ECHAlliance Webinars

We would like to thank our partner Foundation TicSalut, coordinator of the Catalan Ecosystem, for the interesting Webinar about the “Catalan mHealth hub: accreditation model for health apps” hosted the 26th April.We closed the registration one day before, as we had sold out all spaces!

If you missed the webinar you can view it here

Launch of Brussels Ecosystem

Brussels region COCOM and its partners, Réseau Santé Bruxellois (Brussels Health Network), Abrumet, innovIRIS.Brussels, lifetech.Brussels, AGORIA and PAQS, organised the Brussels e-health week, from 24 to 28 April 2017, which explored eHealth trends through a programme including talks from experts, meetings between key players in the healthcare, innovation and business sectors, and concrete projects presentations.

Read more here

Launch of Denmark Ecosystem

The Danish membership of ECHAlliance and the creation of a South DENMARK Ecosystem is initiated by Welfare Tech and Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark, part of Region of Southern Denmark. The ecosystem is based on a defined geographical region and builds on existing and already established networks and project collaborations in Welfare Tech and the Region. The collaboration and membership of ECHAlliance will strengthen the Regions and Welfare Techs network and position in Europe and foster new opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing with other ecosystems in the ECHAlliance.

Read more here

Interesting reflections and feedback from the last NICH Ecosystem meeting

The Northern Ireland Connected Health Ecosystem meeting “Social care planning and the role of Connected Health” was a great success with over 100 attendees from across Academia, Industry, Patient Groups, Local Councils and Health & Social Care.
Read more here

Oulu University Hospital builds new Children and Women’s hospital

The renewal of Oulu University Hospital begins with the building of a new Children and Women’s hospital. Oulu University Hospital council approved the 75.2 million euro project unanimously.
Read more here

Successful Manchester Connected Health Ecosystem Meeting

Some 60 attendees from across the Greater Manchester Health & Social Care landscape attended the last meeting of the GM Connected Health Ecosystem. The morning session at MSP Citylabs saw presentations from a range of organisations and experts in the field of healthcare informatics and data sharing. Datawell – GMs innovative data sharing platform – is rolling out across the region, allowing NHS Foundation Trusts and CCGs to share records across organisational boundaries, and forms a central part of the wider GM Connect initiative to enable greater sharing of public information to help develop better services.

Read More here

Check the Manchester Ecosystem Newsletter here

Check the Oulu Health Ecosystem Newsletter here

Digital Health Society (Supported by the Estonia Presidency and ECHAlliance)

Estonia’s Technology Revolution – from the poor house to a world technology leader

Estonia gained independence at the end of the Soviet Union, and promptly dropped into recession, with skyrocketing inflation, fuel costs, and plummeting production. In response, they started a series of reforms to open their country up to trade and investment, and modernised to make themselves one of the most technologically advanced nations in the world. Six years after they were rationing food and fuel, every school in Estonia was online; nowadays, school enrolment and literacy rates are 100%, and Estonia’s GDP per capita is way in excess of other ex-Soviet nations.

Read More here

The programme of the high-level e-health conference ‘Health in the Digital Society. Digital Society for Health’ is prepared in cooperation with ECHAlliance

The Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic of Estonia entered into a cooperation agreement with the ECHAlliance to organise an international high-level e-health conference ( during the Estonian Presidency of the EU Council and to bring to Estonia top performers of the field, as well as organisations outside of Europe.

Read more here

Other News

ECHAlliance delighted to co-organise ‘Satellite Services for Future Health’ 27 June, Belfast
Read more here

The OSOZ Congress: innovations and the future of healthcare
Read more here

Discover the latest digital health trends!
Read more here

ECHAlliance Member ‘Connected Health’ Continues to Expand Its Workforce in Northern Ireland
Read more here

Congratulations ECHAlliance members “SilverCloud” & “Mediktor” for the 2017 eHealth Competition Awards
Read more here

Interesting EUREGHA morning seminar on Mental health in the young: Good practices & new initiatives
Read more here

Richard Corbridge, CIO, Health Service Executive, Irelandrevealed as leader of CIO 100 list
Read more here

ECHAllince Member “Totalmobile” to integrate EMIS Health API into software for healthcare workers
Read more here

Interested in exploring the opportunities in Dubai? Join Dubai 100 Bootcamp, London, 11-15 Sept 
Read more here

Great participation at the 1st international Digital Health Conference in Moscow
Read more here

Change management lessons for CIOs and five criteria for success during an organisations restructure
Read more here

ProEmpower: seeking vendor for development of personalised diabetes management solution
Read more here

AAL Programme Appoints New Director
Read more here

International Code of Practice for Planning, Commissioning & Providing Tech Enabled Care Services
Read more here

Save the date for the HealthTechXEurope, 20 June – London!
Read more here

Monthly Interview

EU Projects Collaborations

ECHAlliance has won several European projects, acting as coordinator or as WP leader.

We can helpour members to identify partners in Europe and build innovative consortia.

See information about Horizon 2020 calls here. Please contact Julien Venne if you are interested in collaborating

Tenders Room

We have created for our members a new section on our global Connector platform of some of the many tenders related to connected health in Europe.

Access here (for members only)

Other Events

•Workshop: Health systems for the future – Making EU health systems resilient and innovative, 8 June, Brussels, Belgium

•mConnectathon TicSalut,16 June, Barcelona, Spain

•HealthTechXEurope, 20 June, London, UK

•Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Diabetes, 24 June, Vienna, Austria

•Connected Health Summer School, 26-29 June, Firenz, Italy

•Satellite Services for Future Health, 27 June, Belfast, UK

•eHealth summer University,4-6 July, Castres, France

•Dubai 100 Bootcamp, 11-15 September, London, UK

•Digital Health around the Globe 2017, 28-29 September,Beijing, China

•WHINN 2017, 10-12 October,Odense, Denmark

•AAL Forum 2017, 2-4 October, Coimbra, Portugal

•Health in the Digital Society, Digital Society in Health, 16-18 October, Estonia, Tallinn


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