EBO and Wellola join forces to accelerate AI’s role in patient care

EBO and Wellola join forces to accelerate AI’s role in patient care
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EBO, the Artificial Intelligence company enabling patient engagement and self-management of key healthcare services has partnered with Wellola, a provider of patient portal communications software, to expand the role of AI in patient care. The agreement marks an important turning point in AI-based patient engagement and a major step towards embedding this technology into the UK and Ireland’s healthcare systems.

EBO’s Virtual Agent solution, which automates patient communications within healthcare organisations, will be integrated into Wellola’s web-based patient portal, which is already well-established in over 900 medical sites across the UK and Ireland. As a result, the partnership will enhance the capabilities of both companies to provide a more dynamic and intuitive conversation between patients and their healthcare provider.

Wellola and EBO’s working relationship is anchored by the technology goals set out by Dame Sally Davies, the former Chief Medical Officer, in the Health 2040 annual report. In line with the report’s ambitious plans for better health, both providers are coming together to deliver on NHS Digital’s recommendation to open infrastructure to new technology that will reduce costs and complexity for the NHS and its users.

EBO’s Virtual Agent technology understands context and patient sentiment and becomes more personal with every use due to being based on machine learning technology. The assistant is also multi-lingual and multi-platform, enabling patients to connect from any device, from a range of messaging platforms, such as social media, SMS and webchat. This creates a clear solution to the issue of not reaching patients who are deterred from making a booking due to a frustrating process, particularly if English is not their native language.

Healthcare workers will benefit from the automation of traditionally manually services, with patients now able to have more control over their healthcare: managing their own appointments, conducting self-assessments as well as having alerts and notifications sent directly them, on top of being able to access FAQs and patient care plan management information. Ultimately, the two-way integrated communications technology will connect and engage patients like never before and hands staff valuable time to concentrate on the most important tasks at hand.

Dr Gege Gatt, CEO of EBO comments:

 “Healthcare technology is evolving rapidly and we’re looking forward to playing a key role in the future of patient communications in the UK and Ireland. Our relationship with Wellola will empower both EBO and Wellola to build upon our existing expertise and provide the best of both worlds in digital platforms and AI communications.

By giving patients the power to manage their own healthcare, not only are we increasing engagement, we are improving the overall patient experience. This, whilst ensuring that healthcare professionals are removed from the administrative process. We are committed to making patient care as accessible as possible, and by working with Wellola we are able to make this a reality.”

Sonia Neary, CEO and MD of Wellola said:

“At Wellola, we aim to bring healthcare to patients wherever they are, leveraging digital tools to support community-based and self-management care models. That’s why we’re excited to partner with EBO, whose platform will complement our offering by enabling patients to interact in real-time with a Virtual Agent.

Our partnership opens up the opportunity for patients to engage with valuable, evidence-based resources, to be given greater options in terms of the languages made available to them, and to be supported in accessing their healthcare record or provider via our patient portal. Working with EBO is fully aligned with our vision of meeting people where they are, offering greater inclusivity and accessibility, and most importantly, opening up patient choice in healthcare communications.

We’re pleased to be able to deliver a solution that will boost clinical staff engagement by providing the vital admin support they need and help clinical authorities direct funding to essential services.

It’s never been more important for healthcare providers and patients to be able to connect easily and seamlessly, and we’re delighted to be making this a reality with EBO.”

About EBO

EBO is an Artificial Intelligence   company, specialising in optimising customer interactions, from customer and patient services through to lead management and sales. EBO’s unique data and analytics capabilities mean that customer and patient interactions are continually improved.

Founded in 2017, EBO is a fast-growing company, specialising in the implementation of AI Virtual Agents across the financial services and healthcare sectors. By taking a unique approach to every Virtual Agent, EBO is able to meet the specific needs of each consumer group, making customer service easier and simpler, so that businesses can focus on running and growing their organisation. 

About Wellola

Wellola’s award-winning care-enabling technology, supports clinicians to keep well people well (and treats those that are unwell) in the community. Wellola is dedicated to maximising clinical and economic outcomes, and optimising patients’ healthcare experiences. Available as both a subscription-as-a-service and an enterprise-licence platform, now, more than ever, Wellola’s secure telehealth and patient portal platforms are protecting healthcare providers on our frontlines.


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