Doctors want to be involved in digitization

Doctors want to be involved in digitization

On October 10, 2019, 2019 held a conference at the Medical Chamber of Slovenia – “How digital innovations improve the health care system.” professional public and patients.

Zdenka Cebašek Travnik, Ph.D. Med., President of the Slovenian Chamber of Medicine, welcomed and welcomed all those who “think well” in their hearts, and emphasized that the Slovenian Medical Chamber is becoming a meeting point for new projects and ideas. She noted that doctors are not opposed to digitalisation, but are working to ensure that they are already involved in the creation of new solutions in the design of new solutions. Unsuccessful IT solutions are the ones that come to doctors before they are completed, without considering their needs.

Good healthcare applications

The keynote speaker was 200 speakers from Liz Ashall Payne, 2018 UK Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of ORCHA, which works with the NHS (National Health Service) in the UK to certify health mobile applications and identify and an assessment of their quality. We were surprised by the fact that out of 366,000 applications, only 15% are of high quality applications and presented us with the process of checking them and the challenges that arise. And how do we as users know which app is good? “Every day, there are 5 million downloads of health apps in the world, and we notice that most of them are deleted from phones within 48 hours. We evaluate them against different standards and criteria, and we work with experts in different fields, but I can only tell users to find for themselves what they need most at some point, “she said.

Prof. dr. dr. Primož Strojan, Ph.D. med. from the Institute of Oncology Ljubljana and mag. Janko Burgar from Cosylab presented the Proton Therapy and the vision of cancer treatment in the future in Slovenia. They are convinced that things have started to move in our country and are optimistic about the future.

Cf. asst. Bojan Vujkovac, Ph.D. med. from Slovenj Gradec General Hospital presented a proactive approach to the program for chronic kidney patients, supported by an IT solution supported by Lucis d.o.o. Twenty years of work has been put into the program, with results showing 45% less kidney failure in treating chronic kidney disease.

Dr. July Shelb, Ph.D. med. Parsek & Pete Smith, NHS introduced a project for digitally coordinated care for cancer patients. The added value of the program is, above all, simplified logistics with continuity of care, but also allows for adjustments and / or adjustments. it emphasizes the individualization of patient monitoring.

Tomaž Gornik and Samo Ačko from Better presented the user experience and presented an interesting point of interest: the doctor must click 24 times in the program to find patient information in the system. With their Pathfinder solution, the doctor can save time significantly. Mr. Gornik, also known by some as the “father” of, points out that is still the only forum where the state sector, innovators and providers of concrete solutions meet. “I am proud that the conference is at such a high level and that it keeps pace with the world without hassle,” he adds.

All conference participants agree that they are the foundations of a well-functioning collaborative health system. And, as Dr. Darja Ferčej Temeljotov from Lek, digital technological innovation is a must. The essence of success lies in connecting, listening and collaborating and developing competencies for the future. More and more complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, communication, emotional intelligence, cognitive flexibility and initiative will be required.

Some additional impressions from the introductory lectures are also included in the news here. Photos of the whole event are available here.

Roundtable: Digital transformation of the healthcare system – Are we proactive enough?

The round table was moderated by Tina V. Vavpotič and was attended by: Vane Savinek, dr. JAZMP, Mag. Ana Vodičar, ZZZS, Tanja Španić, Europa Donna and Think Tank, Dr. Zdenka Cebasek – Travnik, dr. ZZS, Marjan Pintar, ZdrZZS, Nina Pirnat, dr. med., NIJZ & Mojca Cvirn, & Coop4Healthcare

At the roundtable, there was talk of being proactive in the digital transformation of the healthcare system. In the introduction, Mateja Urlep from TikhePharma introduced the interconnection of new technologies, medicine and financing in the public sector in addition to the whole innovation ecosystem. Among other things, she highlighted the problem of extremely long queues and the many challenges, from conceptual design of the drug, to its release on the market.

Dr. Zdenka Cebasek – Travnik, dr. med., she spoke about doctor-innovation relations. “It is imperative that both physicians and end users participate in the implementation of innovation,” she emphasized.

Europa Donna has also played an important role in the healthcare system, with which has been cooperating since 2016. They also see a solution to improve the health system’s functioning in digitalization. “Our goal is to make the patient an equal partner in the whole process and to get all the information himself,” said Tanja Španić of the association.

Mojca Cvirn, Health Program Manager at Ljubljana Technology Park, is optimistic about the digitalisation of the Slovenian healthcare system. “Our goal is to show businesses that all solutions are hand-in-hand with end-users – be it the state, the patient or the doctor. We are connecting successfully, and we are committed to helping the five companies really get involved with their insurance payment systems. We’re optimistic! We want to show all stakeholders of the health ecosystem that anything is possible, “said Cvirnova.

Read more about the roundtable here.

Exhibition of Innovation

At the exhibition of selected domestic and foreign innovative solutions in the field of biotechnology and digital health, we are among the leading Slovenian and foreign companies. The exhibition was attractively presented by dr. Jernej Pintar, director of Ljubljana Technology Park, who also organizes the conference. The following introduced themselves:

  • Parsek introduced Vitaly Managed Care, a chronic disease monitoring solution it successfully introduces overseas.
  • MESI has introduced a medical plate that connects various diagnostic modules.
  • Also interesting is the SRC Infonet Vrstomat solution, which helps patients adjust their presence in the waiting rooms and consequently reduces the chance of disease spreading.
  • Eurotronik’s NurseCare solution is also very useful, making it easy for nursing staff to keep track of all care steps.
  • Mediately is a company already in 8 markets among the leading mobile apps for physicians.
  • Tobiar introduced his device to alleviate problems with carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Newton Dictate allows doctors to dictate diagnoses and recommendations directly to a computer that translates speech into text.
  • However, using virtual reality, Evolaris allows the doctor to examine the patient remotely and advise him or her.
  • The Slovenian Enterprise Fund presented the possibilities for financing the establishment and growth of innovative companies

All 5 companies of the first generation presented themselves at the exhibition:

  • Blckb develops diagnostics based on brain wave measurement (EEG).
  • Savvy is an ECG meter that the patient can easily carry anywhere, even in the shower or during a sports activity.
  • Feelif allows blind people to “view” drawings and photographs with their fingers.
  • Smart Optometry by playing children leads to better vision and improvement of the lazy eye syndrome.
  • With Record Record KLB, Lucis supports the therapy of dr. Vujkovac achieving a 45% reduction in kidney failure

Read more about the Innovation Exhibition here.

Nutrition in the digital age – the effects of biotechnology and other new approaches

It is well known that the health system itself affects only 10%, and 20% is influenced by a healthy diet. Our views on modern and healthy nutrition were presented to us by: Natasha Fidler Mis, UKC Ljubljana with a lecture Integrated Approach to Whole Plant Nutrition, Tilen Travnik, Bevo: Vegetable Nutrition: A Poorly Understanding Opportunity for Human Health and Our Planet, Matevž Kmet, Acies Bio: Investing in long-term health improvement using biotechnology and Alberto Lázaro, Coquus (Galicia, Spain): Nutrition personalization in hospital systems supported by AI.

(health impact: 50% environment, 20% genetics, 20% nutrition and lifestyle and 10% health system)

Read more about Nutrition in news here.

Forum of Challenges and Solutions

Before the Challenges and Solutions Forum, gathered members of the forum, collected challenges from different healthcare participants, and at the same time prepared a workshop for companies on how to present themselves to the Forum with video. There have been 7 submissions with video clips that members of the Forum have commented on in preparation for the conference. The aim of the Forum is to establish a dialogue between doctors, companies and healthcare professionals. The forum is not a round table, it is not a pitching solution, but a dialogue.

The members of the forum were: Assist. Staša Vodička, Ph.D. med., spec. family medicine, ZD Murska Sobota, dr. Gregor Prosen, Ph.D. med., FEBEM, OE NMP, ZD Maribor, prof. dr. Dejan Dinevski, univ. dipl. and with. p. Institute of Biomedical Informatics, UM MF, dr. Mojca Debeljak, univ. dipl. and with. el., URI Soča, Andraž Logar, 3fs, Jaka Levstek, Dlabs, Vasja Rebec, SRC Infonet, Tina Vavpotič, Better, Jakob Gajšek, LUI and EIT Health, dr. Zlatko Pflaum, Lek dd, Maja Benko, Adriatic Slovenica, Sašo Novak, Triglav, Health Insurance Company, Tina Dragan, Sava Insurance Company, Assist. Mojca Bizjak, Ph.D. med. , spec. dermatovenerology, Golnik Clinic et al. Petra Došenović Bonča, UL, Faculty of Economics.

We have identified the following solutions: Neus Diagnostics, which helps diagnose dementia early on, and MediaInteractive Medicoll, a technology solution for the acute problem of effective communication and coordination of medical personnel in a complex mass casualty environment. SteriPro is a robot developed by UVC Solutions that is designed to sterilize rooms in hospitals and health centers. Primarius has developed a patient education system upon discharge from the hospital. Tobiar provides a device to alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome when working with a computer mouse and keyboard. EasyCarb allows you to closely monitor your sugar intake and convert it to the right amount of insulin for better diabetes control.

Allergen Scanner, an application downloaded on a smartphone, scans products at the store to show us allergenic substances. The application was created by three elementary school children aged 13 with the mentorship of Perspektiva Postojna, an entrepreneurial incubator.

The forum was prepared by Tilen Travnik, Mojca Cvirn and Gregor Cuzak.

Read the Forum news here.

Photos of the whole event are available here.

Special thanks: In May, the Medical Chamber of Slovenia made an initiative to make this conference happen at their venue. Not only that, with their proposals, they supported us not only with a great hall, but they got involved in the creation of the program, they awarded 7 credits for medical licensing, all the lectures were also recorded, and we are most glad that they are in the future expressed great support for cooperation.

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