DIGIT-PRE – The European original support programme for Innovative Solutions in Prevention, Prediction & Remote care

DIGIT-PRE – The European original support programme for Innovative Solutions in Prevention, Prediction & Remote care
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DIGIT-PRE is preparing the launch of their upcoming Open Call which aims to support consortium of SMEs developing innovative solutions in prevention, prediction, and remote care. Within DIGIT-PRE, there are specific CHALLENGES within 5 AREAS where SMEs can apply to develop and/or improve solutions. 

DIGIT-PRE is a unique innovation support programme designed to offer services and access to demonstration living labs and test beds for innovative digital solutions for prevention, prediction, and remote care. The project’s originality lies in structuring and launching a sustainable EU network that generates value through linked activities in supporting companies to be competitive internationally and sustainable.

The first step for SMEs to respond to the Open Call is to register to the DIGIT-PRE matchmaking in order to find the perfect partners to build the consortium! SMEs can create a profile on the matchmaking page here.

What’s in it for SMEs?

○ Financial support, including cash, consortium services, and external services;

○ Personalized support from 10 DIGIT-PRE project partners;

○ 7 countries as possible experimentation areas.

DIGIT-PRE is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Interregional Innovation Investments (I3) Instrument. I3 aims at supporting interregional innovation projects in their commercialisation and scale-up phases. 

About the project:

In the context of the digital transformation of health and care, DIGIT-PRE aims to launch a sustainable EU value network that generates value through linked activities in supporting companies to be competitive and sustainable. A specific focus is made on consumer-facing mhealth apps and devices for prevention, prediction and remote care in a post-COVID world. This meets emerging consumer and patient demand, but also SMEs and early stage growth companies that prefer to achieve commercial traction in consumer markets first to gain better investment options in later stages including at institutional level.

Giving more attention upstream to prevention, prediction and downstream to tertiary prevention/remote care and – with particular emphasis on consumer and patient preferences (including the growing silver economy) – will help reduce the burden on health systems and their workforce in this new (post) COVID-19 world. It will also bring corresponding economic benefits and improvements in citizens’ health.

DIGIT-PRE combines 10 regional ecosystems with diverse economic profiles. With these regions providing:

  • 5 complementary innovation clusters; competitive value chains for digital health solutions;
  • 1 regional public living lab specialised in active and healthy ageing,
  • 1 regional authority,
  • 1 EIT RIS Hub/EIT Jumpstarter plus 2 specialist intermediaries.

Within DIGIT-PRE, we have defined specific CHALLENGES within 5 AREAS where SMEs can apply to develop and/or improve solutions. However, there are three different ways for SMEs to apply to the open call:  

  1. By responding to the CHALLENGES and exemplified solutions defined within the project without any changes.  
  2. Re-frame the CHALLENGES and exemplified solutions by, for example, target one of them with a different approach.  
  3. Propose an idea that target another health CHALLENGE than the ones defined, as long as the challenge falls within one of the chosen AREAS and meet project requirements.  

Discover more about Freshblood

FreshBlood is an Non Governmental Organization that supports health innovation by connecting innovators to things that they need, providing feedback and mentoring. We improve health through people, projects and partnerships.


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