Artificial intelligence in health in a group of experts

Artificial intelligence in health in a group of experts
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Responsibility for algorithms, the use of AI in a medical entity, business and technological aspects, cooperation with startups and finally the role of blockchain in health – these are the main topics of the second edition of the “AI in Health” conference, which will take place on June 14. Participation in the event is free of charge. Registration has just started.

The “AI in Health” conference is the first event on such a large scale in Central and Eastern Europe dedicated to artificial intelligence and innovation in health. Last year’s edition of the event brought together many significant circles and institutions, including prominent panelists from the UK, Bulgaria and Hungary. A year ago, almost 800 participants registered for the conference, and the Conference itself had over 1,500 views.

AI in health is already a fact

The “AI in Health” conference is a response to the increasingly wider and wider range of technological changes in the field of artificial intelligence, which also have a transformative impact on the healthcare system, research development and patient care.

The recently published report “AI is not sci-fi” clearly proves that the number of medical facilities that see the benefits of innovation and artificial intelligence in health is constantly growing. The centers ‘orientation towards the development and satisfaction of patients’ health needs indicates that the number of such facilities will increase even more,”

says Ligia Kornowska, Managing Director of the Polish Hospital Federation, Leader of the AI in Health Coalition.

A broad coalition around artificial intelligence in health

Artificial intelligence in health is attracting more and more attention. From year to year, there are more and more companies and institutions that join the work of the AI in Health Coalition. This organization works for the development of AI in the Polish health care system. Thanks to the creation of a joint representation of stakeholders, it is a place for a comprehensive discussion on the use of the potential of artificial intelligence for the benefit of Polish patients, the health care system and the Polish economy. 

„PZU Zdrowie, as a member of the AI in Health Coalition, has been supporting initiatives aimed at promoting medtechs, including artificial intelligence in medical care, for several years. We believe that it is one of the answers to the challenges posed by the ever-growing demand for health services for the health care system. An example of such a solution is the AI algorithm for stroke recognition in computed tomography examinations, which was “learned” in our imaging diagnostics laboratories. The shortening of the diagnosis time provided by the algorithm is, on the one hand, an obvious benefit for the patient, and on the other hand, it improves the doctor’s working comfort,”

says Oliwer Kubicki, Member of the Management Board of PZU Zdrowie, supervising the Innovation area.

Forum for the exchange of knowledge, experience and good practices

One of the Coalition’s activities is the AI in Health conference, which is considered the leading forum in Central and Eastern Europe dedicated to artificial intelligence and health innovations.

„The introduction of artificial intelligence into medicine offers an opportunity to accelerate innovation in this sector. In recent years, in particular, we have seen a multitude of solutions to improve the diagnosis of diseases. Technology is able to support doctors in precisely identifying lesions, and thus help better match the treatment. What’s more, AI can help in the event of a shortage of medical staff, supporting doctors in the analysis of large data sets or in reading the results of research on civilization diseases such as cancer, diabetes or heart disease.
At the same time, patients are more and more willing to use technologies that facilitate access to health care, such as telemedicine, online platforms or applications for mobile devices. One of the examples of startups already using AI to improve access to healthcare is Infermedica – a company that graduated from the Google for Startups accelerator. During the pandemic, Infermedica has created a product dedicated to the fight against coronavirus – an application for assessing symptoms and facilitating the referral of patients to the appropriate specialist. Working with startups in the MedTech category, we can see that AI is the basis for accelerating the diagnosis of various diseases, especially at a very early stage”

says Magdalena Przelaskowska from Google for Startups.

“The White Paper of AI in Clinical Practice” premiere at the conference

During the AI in Health conference, two documents that are very important for the healthcare sector will be presented. The first is the White Paper “AI in Clinical Practice” developed by the AI in Health Coalition, Partners and other interested entities – also as a result of public consultations.

White Paper ‘AI in Clinical Practice’ is self-regulation of the industry, which will indicate the proposed response directions and possible solutions that may contribute to increasing the security and quality of AI application, and, consequently, to building trust in this technology. It is to be as practical as possible, thanks to which it will translate into possible procedures to be implemented,”

assures the initiator of self-regulation Ligia Kornowska, Managing Director of the Polish Hospital Federation, Leader of the AI in Health Coalition.

The second document that will have its premiere during the AI in Health conference is the “Top Distruptors in Healthcare” Report, inventorying the Polish startup market in the life sciences area.

Stationary and online

The AI in Health conference will be held in the stationary formula at Crowne Plaza Warsaw – The Hub, from where it will be broadcast via a special streaming platform. Participation in the event is free of charge. 

The strategic partners of the event are Google for Startups and Google Cloud, main partner is PZU Zdrowie, and supporting partners are Abbott, Alteris, Qure.AI, IQVIA, OVHCloud, Siemenes Healthineers and GE Healthcare. 

The organizer of the event is AI in Health Coalition, and co-organizers are Polish Hospital Federation, a team of experts wZdrowiu and the Medical University of Piastów Śląskich in Wrocław with HeartBit 4.0.


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