ADHN Launches, Pioneering Africa's Digital Health Landscape with Vision and Global Partnership

ADHN Launches, Pioneering Africa’s Digital Health Landscape with Vision and Global Partnership

It is with great enthusiasm and excitement that we welcome the launch of ADHN. The Africa Digital Health Networks (ADHN) initiative made its grand debut on 19th October 2023 at the Africa HealthTech Summit in Kigali,Rwanda. 


“I was delighted to be present in Kigali at the launch. Enthusiasm can be temporary, unless the infrastructure to establish, maintain and sustain is put in place.


I have been appointed to the Task Force to support the mission of ADHN and to support it through the ECHAlliance – The Global Health Connector.


I have accepted the role of Global Engagement Partner to ADHN on behalf of the ECHAlliance, we have proposed actions for our initial phase. Tangible measures are exactly what we need to implement and build the foundations of the new entity and fulfil the mission that it has been set out to accomplish and of course momentum is key” Brian O’Connor, Chair at ECHAlliance


ADHN aims to be the epicentre of Africa’s Digital Health Communities of Practice. This visionary project seeks to foster communication, facilitate partnerships, and promote collaboration and coordination in the development and adoption of digital health solutions across the continent.


Membership in ADHN is diverse and inclusive, encompassing key stakeholders in the digital health ecosystem:


  • Technical Communities of Practice: Including DHIS2, HIE, telemedicine, and more.
  • National E-Health Agencies, Associations, and Working Groups: Enhancing the involvement of governmental bodies.
  • HealthTech Startups, Investors, and Vendors: Nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Development Partners, Non-Profit, and Civil Society Organizations: Investing in, using, and advocating for digital health solutions.
  • Healthcare Providers: Embracing digital health solutions for improved patient care.
  • Academia and Research Institutions: Advancing digital health through education and research.
  • The interest in ADHN has been overwhelming, with over 50 institutions and 190 individuals expressing their desire to become founding members.


Key Objectives of ADHN Include:


  • Strengthening Digital Health Capacity: Aiming to empower 100,000 frontline health workers by 2030.
  • Accelerating Technology Adoption: Including mobile health apps, telemedicine, connected diagnostics, and electronic health records.
  • Promoting Digital Public Infrastructure: Advocating for open standards to advance interoperability for person-centred care and data-driven decision-making.
  • Creating Platforms for Knowledge Sharing: Convenings, training, and knowledge-sharing initiatives to strengthen communities of practice and members.
  • Advocating for Policies: Pushing for policies that accelerate digital health maturity in Member States.
  • Supporting Technology Adoption Initiatives: Identifying, supporting, and promoting initiatives that advance Africa’s health security and improve health outcomes.


As we embark on this transformative journey, it’s important to recognise that ADHN serves not just as an epicentre but as a driving force for a collective endeavour to shape the future of healthcare in Africa. Moving forward, we commit to keeping this initiative updated and evolving, ensuring it remains a dynamic platform for advancing digital health solutions across the continent.


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