5 Great News Stories from our Bulgarian Ecosystem

5 Great News Stories from our Bulgarian Ecosystem
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  1. Borderless AI Initiative

Health & Life Sciences cluster together with AI Cluster Bulgaria, AI Austria, AI Serbia, AI Sweden, and UK established the initiative during the summer 2020.

By combining AI organisations with strong and practical know-how with policy makers and academia could contribute for:

  • Citizens to reap new benefits for in such as improved health care, personal medicine, safer and cleaner cities, better public services and much more
  • Business development, for creation of a new generation of products and services
  • Popularisation of AI technology and increasing the understanding behind the word.
  • Future development of a highly innovative technology.
  • Share the AI expertise with other experts and work together to develop unique solutions, algorithms, and tools to make AI available to all.

Europe needs an ambitious and rapid deployment strategy, covering both business and public administration, to create an ecosystem where ideas and research translate into pragmatic socioeconomic opportunities.

Meeting series

The goal of the meetings is to exchange information on current situations and challenges in front of European and international AI community.

The first three meetings combined the specialist from Austria, Sweden, Bulgaria, UK and Serbia AI organisations.

Among the topics of discussion are:

  • Creation of analytical report for the AI ecosystem in Europe
  • Preparation for AI a topic in Ecosystem Summit
  • Creation of Policies and projects for Synchronization between regulations of Serbia (third party countries) and EU
  • Creation of a legal AI unit that works on ethics, GDPR and other restricted regulations
  • Development of a framework for AI researchers
  • Creation of easy access to R&D and possibilities for Cross Industry Innovative projects – exchange of know-how and closer contacts and meeting with innovative ecosystems in a field of Life Sciences, Fintech, Space technology, etc.
  • Share all common event in one communication channel
  • Creation of Matchmaking possibilities: connecting with international partners, exploration of Academia needs, easy entering in different markets, analysis on existing business solutions
  • Review and analyses over the White paper/catalogue of regulation rules across Europe. Preparation of paper recommendations

2. The Balkan Institute for Labour and Social Policy (BILSP) is proud to be a founding member of the Health & Life Sciences Cluster Bulgaria.

BILSP is a non-governmental, non-profit association working in priority areas such as social innovations, labour market, human resources, industrial relations, social insurance and social protection, occupational safety and health, labour legislation, social policy. Our experts have considerable experience in managing programmes and implementing grants in Bulgaria, funded by the European Union, the World Bank, UNDP, SDC and other international donors. Over the past two decades, we have collaborated with governmental, non-governmental, and private sector partners from Denmark, Italy, Germany, Greece, Spain, United Kingdom, USA, Brazil, Netherlands, Romania, Macedonia, and Serbia and are always open to new friendships.

Currently, BILSP is the project coordinator and the social domain expert of H2020 RIA SAAM: Supporting Active Ageing through Multimodal Coaching ( that focuses on innovative, technology-enabled approaches to support the ageing population living at home, with a novel and practical emphasis on ambient sensing and learning of user needs and preferences, and effective coaching by leveraging the user’s social support networks.

SAAM offers an accessible solution for the better life of elderly people, especially those that are most deprived socially and economically. SAAM is a prototype of a non-obtrusive coaching system that supports the elderly in daily life. One of its most important intervention areas is social activity. In it, SAAM encourages a healthy social life to prevent loneliness, even in COVID-19 conditions. At the moment, SAAM is available to elderly test users in Austria and Bulgaria who adjust the system’s behaviour to themselves by personalising their coaching advice through the SAAM app:

3. A key partnership for establishment of a first BioCenter in Bulgaria

Biotechnology and Health Cluster, Sofia Municipality and Sofia Tech Park Bulgaria signed a memorandum of cooperation, which will mark the beginning of the first in Bulgaria BioCenter.

The purpose of the memorandum is the development of the biotechnology and health sector, as well as the promotion of cooperation between institutions, the scientific sector and business to promote Sofia as a place for science, investment and development of technologies in healthcare. The parties will work together to provide information to scientists and entrepreneurs on ways to create technological products.

In recent years, Sofia has seen a growing number of startups in the field of medicine and biotechnology, as well as R&D centers.

The Biotechnology Center will be an area where scientists, entrepreneurs, students, small and medium-sized enterprises and innovators can find a suitable intellectual and expert environment to support them in starting and developing their business or projects, and will support their access to new markets, technologies and specialized services, as well as will create preconditions for their sustainable and competitive development.

The construction of BioCenter Sofia is expected to strengthen ties and create new partnerships between the academic, research, industrial and regional communities, as well as to position Sofia on the international map in the field of biotechnology and life sciences. Among the first projects of the Center will be a thorough study and analysis of the existing capacity and resources in the country in the field of biotechnology.

4. Euronews Has Broadcast a Report on Robotic Surgery at UMHAT “St. Marina” – Varna

In an episode of its Smart Regions series, Euronews has broadcast a report by the French journalist Aurora Vélez on the work at the Centre for Robotic Surgery at University Hospital “St. Marina” – Varna. The report tells about the work of Prof. Dr. Nikola Kolev, Head of the Department of General and Operative Surgery at MU-Varna and a patient who has already been operated with the robot.

The latest fourth-generation da Vinci Xi surgical system has been functioning for a year at University Hospital “St. Marina” – Varna. This is the most modern and state-of-the-art computer-assisted technology for minimally invasive surgery in Bulgaria, which makes it possible to use the latest generation surgical tools through which extremely elegant and patient-friendly operations are performed. This ensures patients’ rapid recovery with minimal trauma, pain and post-operative control, as well as a reduced risk of infections and a better cosmetic outcome.

The Centre for Robotic Surgery was set up under a project co-financed by the Operational Programme Science and Education for Smart Growth and the European Regional Development Fund. Its work is focused on diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of surgical diseases in the digestive tract, abdominal organs, urological and thoracic surgery, etc., successfully and fully applying modern methods in research, clinical practice and student training. Its launching in North-East Bulgaria has provided an opportunity for remote access to a greater number of specialists from different specialties who are now able to perform laparoscopic operations together.

See Euronews TV report

5. CRM is looking for strategic partners on foreign markets CRM is looking for strategic partners on foreign markets while working hard to increase the local client base. The company is an expert business toolfor Sales and Field Force Management specialized for pharmaceutical companies. 

We are differentiate by the fast and adequate support, high level of detailed report of visits and activities, the connection with the wholesalers sell in data and orders which provides representatives an easy access to their work results. is available as a software service (SaaS) – one B2B service available for a number of business clients on the global market, optimized for all types of devices, no initial investment or additional IT infrastructure is required.

Online presentation:


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