19 November 2020

The Centre for Innovative Medical Technology at Odense University Hospital have just launched a new database that provides an extensive overview of evidence based telemedicine in hospital settings. It is meant as an inspirational overview for clinical hospital departments looking for information on telemedicine and others who are interested in evidence based digital solutions in hospitals.

The database contains more than 300 articles on telemedicine and lets you filter your search on medical specialities, technology or clinical effect. The search results are shown as tables with data on diagnosis, intervention, technology and results of the studies in relation to clinical effect, patient experience, economy and implementation. See example:

Data on the site is derived from a systematic literature search for randomised studies or studies with control groups on the effect of telemedicine for hospital patients. The literature search was conducted in September 2019 by the Centre for Innovative Medical Technology (CIMT) at Odense University Hospital and University of Southern Denmark.

The database can be found here: . It is in English 


The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an increased use of digital solutions in the healthcare system to minimise the physical contact between patients and healthcare providers. The health care sector are encouraged to maintain this tendency – not only during the pandemic, but also in the future to address other public health challenges.

In addition, the 2019 budget agreement between the Danish government and the Danish Regions introduces a new financing scheme that emphasises increased use of digital health technologies including telemedicine. This means that hospital departments must increase the proportion of virtual programmes and implement digital solutions in order to receive important funding.

More information about telemedicine is therefore more relevant than ever.

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