Meet Healthcare Technology Design Limited

20 March 2023

Find out more about the work of Healthcare Technology Design Limited.

Health Tech Design (HTD) develop innovative medical devices. Great design is at the heart of everything they do, they apply this innovative thinking to create products focussed on the user. Founded in 2020 as a spin-out from Product Resolutions Limited, the team has over 20 years’ experience in product development in the medical sector.

They were responsible for the design and development of a completely new bowel management range, Aquaflush®. They built the company and developed the innovative product range, creating Intellectual Property (IP) as well as developing international markets before the business was acquired in 2020 by Renew Medical Inc. They are currently partnering with multiple industry leading brands developing devices from initial ideas through to fully developed solutions which will help to enhance their product and IP portfolios. Their experience also extends into manufacturing, regulatory affairs and opening up international distribution channels into the market.

Through their previous experience, HTD have become experts in the development of continence products. Patients with chronic conditions use these medical devices every day. They are often very clinical in the way they look and are packaged. This can often make the user feel like they are not ‘normal’, reduce their confidence and their ability to lead a fulfilling life. HTD’s aim is to always try to simplify the devices and make them feel more like every-day healthcare products, not medical devices. This approach results in good clinical outcomes and improved dignity as well as creating products that bring value-for-money to healthcare providers.

They pride themselves on a simple, clear approach to developing products, there’s no design industry jargon or blue-sky concepts. They create real, manufacturable, commercially viable solutions.

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