Meet Connected World Without Disease Accelerator (CWWDA)

18 January 2023

The Connected World Without Disease Accelerator (CWWDA) primarily focus on three health conditions: Early Childhood Health, Metabolic Health & Mental Health. Their initial focus areas today are in childhood obesity and childhood allergy.

So much of our health care system is about disease care. Their dominant paradigm is “diagnose and treat”: we get sick and go to the doctor looking for help. But given the exponential increases in biological understanding and health care data we increasingly can shift to a “predict and pre-empt” paradigm in which we understand personalized risks and susceptibilities and track the earliest manifestations of disease – and intervene before it is too late. This will herald a transformation, from disease care to true health care.

This transformation requires not just technology innovations (e.g., diagnostics, precision interventions, integrated data / health mgmt. systems and AI/ML capabilities), but business model innovations to both encourage investment in this space and incentivize a new set of activities and behaviors.

For such a global opportunity, the role of the payer is critical, and a single payer system may be best suited to pilot and continuously learn as transformation occurs. The Connected World Without Disease Accelerator (CWWDA) appreciate the ongoing work that is ongoing around the work, both at the research, translational and operational levels. They want to continue to enable this as well as create a forum where this learning can be shared across this developing ecosystem.

They are looking to partner with different entrepreneurs, innovators, and health care stakeholders to continue to advance this health paradigm through additional clinical studies, new business models and advances in regulatory and governmental initiatives. If you are interested in partnering with them, please reach out.

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