Medication Safety videos – MOWG inviting experts and sponsors

17 December 2019

Medication Safety Videos

In the next 12 months the Medicine Optimisation Working Group at the European Connected Health Alliance will bring out four Medication Safety Videos about the key topics affecting the lives of millions of patients in Europe.

  • Polypharmacy
  • Transitions of Care
  • Therapy Adherence
  • System of Care/Digital prescribing 

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About MOWG

MOWG is a peer group made up of experts from all across Europe. MOWG is chaired by Dr. Michael Scott of the MOIC in Northern Ireland. Anyone can become a MOWG member as long as they are interested in working together with other experts with the aim to reach a goal that the group sets itself. In 2019/20 the goal is simple, make 4 videos about this very important topic.

Members of MOWG self-appoint leading authors for each of the four topics that the videos will cover. The authors are being joined by volunteer co-authors from all over Europe to address key issues facing this area. The four videos will cover the topic of polypharmacy, transitions of care, therapy adherence and systems of care/digital prescribing.

Why it’s important

The WHO claims that improvements in those 4 areas could reduce harm from medication by 50% worldwide. Let us all make a change where it matters.

A few points of why this matters:

  • over 2 billion medication errors per year in Europe
  • ¼ of medication errors are potentially clinically significant
  • 8.6 million unplanned hospital admissions are caused by adverse drug events in Europe each year
  • 50% of hospital admissions due to adverse drug events are preventable
  • 75% of preventable hospital admission due to adverse drug event are from patients over 65 years of age and on 5 or more medicines
  • Key areas to be improved: polypharmacy, transitions of care, therapy adherence and systems of care/digital prescribing
  • WHO claims with improvement in these key 4 areas 50% reduction in harm can be achieved
  • ECHAlliance supports WHO 3rd Global Patient Safety Challenge – “Medication without harm”

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Main Video Sponsor

With Thanks to MOIC Northern Ireland. MOIC is the only dedicated medicines optimization centre in Europe. MOIC focuses on research and innovation to drive better medicines use for the people of Northern Ireland. 

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