McKinsey is a new Foundation Partner of the ECHAlliance

15 December 2021

In essence, the Health Tech Network is a friendly, global community of Health Tech CEOs and Founders (currently >1000 health tech companies in the network), across 25 regional chapters from Canada to Australia. 

A centerpiece of the Health Tech Network are the quarterly Health Tech CEO/Founder Roundtables. Each roundtable has a specific topic (topics of previous roundtables were “Health Data”, “Hospital Digitization”, “Software as a Medical Device”, for example). Usually, 200-300 CEOs from 4-5 continents attend these events. 

The Health Tech Network also includes the interview series “The people behind Healthcare Innovation” (example here: and a set of health tech knowledge pieces on

In addition, there is an informal second community called the “Friends of the Health Tech Network”. These are >300 people interested in health tech – often working with  pharma companies, medical device companies, health insurances, hospitals or investment funds. 

If you are a Health Tech CEO/Founder and are interested in the Health Tech Network, you can join the network here (free of charge): 

People interested in becoming a “Friend of the Health Tech Network” (also free of charge) can contact [email protected]

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