Managed Integrated Continuous Care Application program for cystic fibrosis provides high-touch care for patients remotely

15 April 2021

Care for cystic fibrosis is very complex, as it requires daily interventions of medication and physical therapy. Sheba Medical Center’s ARC has an innovative approach for these patients, which is offered through its Managed Integrated Continuous Care Application (MICCA) program.

Our Managed Integrated Continuous Care Application (MICCA) program for cystic fibrosis officially launched and is the first in the world to offer telemedicine via an application for follow-up! With continuous monitoring, complications can be detected early, admissions to the emergency room can be reduced, and quality of life can be improved for all participants.  

Dr. Ifat Sarouk, a pediatric pulmonologist, and Professor Ori Efrati, director of Sheba’s Pediatric Pulmonary Unit, lead this together with Dr. Asaf Caspi and Iris Shtein, director and program manager of our Telemedicine innovation hub, respectively.  Alex Galper, director of our hospital’s Patient-Reported Outcomes Measures (PROMs) Program, plays an integral role as well. The services provided under this MICCA will later become part of Sheba Beyond.  

Pictured below are Dr. Ifat Sarouk, Nurse Rinat Forschmidt, and one of the program’s participants during a clinical visit. The same woman joined Iris Shtein, Assaf Amiaz (product manager at Datos Health) and Hagit Chervinsky, a research coordinator for the evaluation of this program, to discuss the patient experience. Lastly, another participant is shown using a Garmin watch and a pulse oximeter as he takes measurements that will be reviewed by our clinical team.

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