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1 April 2021

Mälardalen University consists of four schools (health, technology, economy and pedagogy). Anna Letterstål is the Dean of the School of Health, care and social welfare.

Anna Letterstål said, “As the dean of school, one of my priorities when it comes to research within the field of health and welfare,  is to create the best conditions for the researchers in order to  build an excellent research environment with…. (same as the text below), which contribute to a substantial impact on individuals and societies.

About the research in Health & Welfare

At the School of Health, Care and Social Welfare, research is conducted in Health and Welfare. This is an interdisciplinary specialisation, an area for research studies and consists of ten research groups who study various aspects of health and welfare.

The concept of health is based on a goal-oriented view in which health is determined on the basis of the individual’s perspective and the context in which the person finds him-/herself. Thereby health becomes more flexible since it is also socially and culturally related.

Research in Health and Welfare is conducted in

  • Work Life Science
  • Public Health Science
  • Physiotherapy
  • Medical Science
  • Psychology
  • Social Work
  • Sociology
  • Health Care Education
  • Caring Sciences with specialisation in Nursing.

A large part of this research is conducted in collaboration with other research specialisations at MDH, but also regionally, nationally and internationally. Within this research specialisation there are 14 professors, 25 associate professors, over 40 PhD researchers and 30 doctoral students. Research studies take place within the area of Health and Welfare, and specifically within the five subjects of Work Life Studies, Public Health Science, Physiotherapy, Social Work and Caring Science.

Areas of focus:

To strengthen the research in Health and Welfare there are three areas of focus:

Sustainable Working Life, Lifestyle and Health

Health and Welfare for People in Exposed and Vulnerable Life Situations

Health and Welfare Technology from a User Perspective

In the research areas, research is gathered that involves researchers from different research groups in health and welfare, other Schools at MDH, and external collaboration partners. The focus areas highlight the strong and unique research conducted here and is forward-looking. The focus areas constitute a support for the researchers to become stronger nationally and internationally, to co-produce and grow – and for the courses and study programmes in which we educate for the future.

Sustainable Working Life, Lifestyle and Health

Sustainable Working Life, Lifestyle and Health explores the interdisciplinary area that has crucial significance for challenges in working life, public health and climate changes. The design of the workplaces of the future should focus on climate-smart and health-promoting measures at the same time as it makes it easier for employees to do an efficient job of work with the help of user friendly digital solutions. The global climate crisis we are facing requires that technological developments, policy decisions and lifestyle changes are applied methodically to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and thereby slow down global warming. A lifestyle that promotes good health and quality of life goes hand in hand with a sustainable lifestyle that reduces the effects of climate changes.

Health and Welfare for People in Exposed and Vulnerable Life Situations

Health and Welfare for People in Exposed and Vulnerable Life Situations comprises studies of users’ and patients’ needs and experiences of and opportunities for treatment, care and nursing. The knowledge produced thus lies within a research field where care and welfare efforts coincide and where caring science and social science perspectives enrich each other. Joint research projects have the aim of contributing towards a sustainable societal development, in which social work, care and nursing are formed on the basis of exposed and vulnerable people’s contexts and needs. This research is directed towards how conditions and methods of working for improving professional efforts, and the results for users/patients and their relatives, can be created.

Health and Welfare Technology from a User Perspective

Health and Welfare Technology from a User Perspective investigates digital and technical solutions directed towards humans in good health as well as in health promotion, illness, after injuries, with disabilities or other particular needs. This research aims at investigating whether and how health and welfare engineering can help to maintain or increase activity, participation, safety and independence for a person who has or runs and increased risk of acquiring a disability. The research further aims towards enhancing knowledge, from a user perspective, of the possibilities of digital and technical solutions in care and nursing, and also to study how health and welfare engineering can support and develop health, care and nursing.

More information here: https://www.mdh.se/en/malardalen-university/research/health-and-welfare-

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