Lisbon School of Medicine, University of Lisbon: An institution engaged in innovation

20 April 2023

Lisbon School of Medicine of the University of Lisbon is the latest member to join our global network in ECHAlliance.

The Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship deals with all issues related to the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem at the Faculty of Medicine Lisbon. It promotes and implements activities in academia and in partnership with companies, non-profit organisations and government agencies to increase economic and social value in the health sector.

They focus on all areas of health and health-related issues. They provide a hub where stakeholders from a specific field can meet, promote and publicise their work through our network. In this way we maximise knowledge acquisition, best practise and promote economic value and social innovation, especially for vulnerable groups such as children and older people.

The FMUL’s mission is to promote innovation and excellence in undergraduate education, postgraduate training, and research, for the progress of the quality of medical care and the improvement of the population’s health, in close collaboration with the partners of CAML. With the vision of being recognized nationally and internationally for the quality of the professionals it trains and for their contribution to the development of medical education and research, and to the promotion of clinical competence, contributing to CAML being considered one of the best medical academic centres.

There are fundamental values that we advocate at the FMUL with emphasis on professionalism, defined in this context by a set of attributes: honesty, integrity, compassion, altruism, empathy, respect for others, reliability, responsibility, commitment to excellence. We also consider that credibility, independence, diversity, inclusion, cooperation and transparency are values that should fit the FMUL’s activities.

As an administrative department in an academic institution and in a medical school, we want to continue to grow in order to improve and expand our network and create a stronger healthcare ecosystem in line with the regional, national and European programmes and projects of the European Commission

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