Link-age Launch is excited to announce its formal partnership with the ECHAlliance

11 April 2023

ECHAlliance’s partnership will help Link-age Launch to identify problems withing the healthcare system as well as to accomplish the company’s missions in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare Innovation tends to be siloed based on factors such as provider type and geography. Along the way representation from key stakeholder groups like payors and policy makers is sometimes an afterthought.  This leads to solutions that might work well in certain settings, but the full value and impact may never be fully realized throughout the care continuum.  Link-age Launch is a reimagined approach that will address the major points of friction throughout our healthcare industry and scale solutions across market segments, while delivering outsized value for its investors, ecosystem partners and those they serve.

To accomplish this, Link-age Launch will use its 50+ Older Adults focused Innovation Ecosystem as a Platform to identify specific problems to be solved within the healthcare industry (with a particular focus on the post-acute sector).  The goal of the company is to design, build, LAUNCH and scale businesses that offer key strategic as well as operational benefits along with new ways to deliver improved services to customers and financial performance for providers.  A robust network of committed partners from throughout the healthcare ecosystem will provide critical domain expertise & development resources while also serving as a multifaceted test bed and initial addressable market for the solutions created by Link-age Launch. 

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