Letter from Strata Health UK: Optimising Adult Social Care and Better Care Winter Discharge Plans

19 December 2022
echalliance Letter from Strata Health UK Optimising Adult Social Care and Better Care Winter Discharge Plans

Strata Health UK is publishing a letter to Optimising Adult Social Care and Better Care Winter Discharge Plans. Read here the full letter here.


Optimising Adult Social Care and Better Care Winter Discharge Plans

As Local Authorities and Integrated Care Boards prepare their proposed planning for Better Care Funds, I am pleased to share details of how Strata Health UK can support local areas and health and social care systems with the interventions that best enable the discharge of patients from hospital to the most appropriate location for their ongoing care.

As a global leader in digital patient flow and transitions of care, we understand the challenges and pressures of delays to discharging people from hospital when they are fit to leave and that they continue to be a significant issue that all parts of the country are facing. Not only does this mean fewer hospital beds available for those who need them, but it also means people who would be better off recovering at home or in residential care are spending too long in the hospital instead.

Working together

As a digital partner to many ICTs and ICBs across the UK, we currently digitally support those priority approaches that are most effective in freeing up the maximum number of hospital beds and reducing bed days lost. Therefore, as part of your Better Care Fund Planning I would like to offer our support and sharing of  best practice through our proven integrated digital pathway schemes for Discharge to Assess (D2A), Bed Based Intermediate Care, Continuing Health Care, and Care Home Capacity Brokerage to enable you to achieve the maximum reduction in delayed discharge.

Our Pathway schemes

  • Discharge 2 Assess
  • Bed Based Intermediate Care
  • Continuing Health Care
  • Care Home Capacity Brokerage


Our commitment and values

As a company, we understand that it is crucial that health and care systems, providers, and commercial industry work together across sectors to meet the care needs of people and make best use of available resources. Therefore, we work collaboratively with our partners and combine years of health and social care experience and leadership to deliver the digital solution that works for you. I expect to work alongside all partners under the umbrella of the ICT to support the sharing of good practice and evidencing the successful impacts of our automated digital solution on the Better Care Discharge plans.

The past few years have been some of the most challenging those working in our health and care sector have faced, and I would like to acknowledge that we at Strata Health recognise the many pressures facing the provision of health and social care as we head into winter. We are therefore absolutely committed and can assure you that we can implement and deploy any or all of our pathway schemes at pace in order to meet these demands.


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