Join the TRANSFUSION Cross-Industry Open Innovation Challenge!

14 December 2021

Are you into robotics, automation, healthcare and logistics? TRANSFUSION is an innovation contest, where you and your ideas are put to the test! We encourage startups, SMEs, research and student groups to participate in 4 future-oriented challenges announced by Siemens Healthineers, Interventional Systems and Simon Hegele. Start hacking or impress us with your ready-made solution to boost your own business, products, and ideas!  The event is hosted by Forum MedTech Pharma, Medical Valley Center Erlangen and IGZ Innovations- und Gründerzentrum Nürnberg-Fürth-Erlangen. Join now and master the challenges until January 16!

The world of innovation in the field of robotics is unfathomable and unique. That’s why we need you (and your team)! Because when unique challenges meet unique challenge takers UNIQUE ideas are born.

#trnsfsn is breaking up with the status quo. We’re bringing together people of different industry sectors and different skills. Without compromise. Without prejudice. Without hesitation.

No matter whether you are in the field of engineering, computer science, AI, data science, robotics, computer vision, automation, logistics, process optimization, image processing, healthcare, pattern recognition, lab, prototyping or a nerd hacking and playing Minecraft 24/7 in your parents‘ basement. You are very much welcome! 

Find out more about how to participate here: ​​ 

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