Join the Digital Health Community at “The Digital Health Platform – A Series of Webinars”, on 13–22 April

22 March 2021

Last year made a huge impact on the world of healthcare. We have seen how clinicians need their IT support to adapt more quickly to the situations at hand, just as patients need the right tools to communicate with their care organisations. These changes required innovative minds, teams, and organisations to reduce their development cycles by months. At Better, our mission is to support those communities with the right technology.

Whether you are a programmer or not, a doctor, or a CIO in search for quality healthcare applications, you are in the right place. In April, Better will host three webinars to explain the new, alternative approach to the development of healthcare applications which use a digital health platform and open data based on openEHR. Better is focusing heavily on simplifying and accelerating the development of applications by using specific low-code tools for healthcare.

 In the three webinars, you will learn about:

  • Why the future of health systems and applications need open data foundations (13.4.2021):
    “A New Way Forward” with guest speaker Hanna Pohjonen, openEHR Ambassador, Finland.
  • How to create healthcare applications quickly, even without any coding experience (20.04.2021):
    “Rapid Application Development in Healthcare” with Boris Marn, Product Lead at Better.
  • The platform approach – a guide for software developers in healthcare (22.04.2021):
    “Digital Health Platform Development” with Andraž Koželj, lead developer at Better.

Each of the webinars will be followed by different content, whitepapers, use-cases, and more. And, for anyone interested, we will provide access to the low-code platform, so you can try it out and make sure that you can do it too – get the experience of developing an application in a matter of hours, or even minutes.

Dare to do better?

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