Invitation to take part in PREMSTEM co-creation activities

28 March 2022

RMIT University and RMIT Europe are partners in the European Union funded PREMSTEM research project which is investigating a new stem cell therapy to treat brain injury in preterm babies. 

Co-creation activities

PREMSTEM is currently inviting people to take part in a series of interactive, online co-creation activities

The research team would like to give people from outside of the project an opportunity to have a say in the research that they’re doing. The project’s long-term aim is to take the stem cell therapy for preterm brain injury to clinical trial. To get there, they feel it’s important to understand and be aware of any potential barriers, both from a societal and regulatory point of view. 

Who can get involved?

  • Patient/consumer organisation/advocacy groups
  • Parents/carers of a preterm baby or young child who might be eligible for a future stem cell treatment and/or adults who were born preterm
  • Parents/carers of a child with no known health issues
  • Clinicians or other health professionals
  • Researchers (preferably in the health sciences)
  • Policy makers
  • Governance/regulatory bodies
  • Other interested parties

If you identify as belonging to one of these groups, the PREMSTEM team invites you to submit your interest to take part in the co-creation activities!

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