Innovative Business Groups

8 May 2023

The support program for Innovative Business Groups ( AEI ) aims to improve the competitiveness of small and medium – sized companies . To this end, it plans to support with public resources the innovation and business competitiveness strategies developed by the Innovative Business Groups (AEI) that are recognized as such as a result of their registration in the Registry of Innovative Business Groups of the Ministry .

Line 1. Actions to support the operation of Innovative Business Groups

Incipient AEIs will be eligible for the aid that is called through this line, considering as such those recently constituted, in the process of consolidation, with a maximum age of 4 years from their date of constitution.Line 2. Technical feasibility studies.

The studies presented through this line will be focused on the definition of projects destined to be presented to future calls for the following programs:

  • The Support program for Innovative Business Groups through Line 3 of “Digital Technology Projects” defined in article 8.
  • The EU research and innovation framework program for the period 2021-2027, “Horizon Europe”.

Line 3. Digital Technology Projects.

The projects presented in this section must incorporate knowledge and/or technologies that promote the digital transformation of the companies that carry them out within the framework of the following categories:

  • Industrial research activities.
  • Experimental development activities.
  • Organizational innovation.
  • Process innovation.
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