India’s Prime Minister Announces National Digital Health Mission To Ensure Health Services For All

21 September 2020

Prof. Rajendra Pratap Gupta said:

In 2014, when I was drafting the policies for the Modi administration, we put the overarching theme of “Increasing access, improving quality, and lowering the cost of healthcare delivery” in the BJP Election Manifesto, and this was again reflected in our National Health Policy 2017, which detailed our vision for digital health. Now, under the visionary leadership of our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, we have launched the National Digital Health Mission to fulfil our commitment to the people.

Prof. Rajendra Pratap Gupta, architect of the Manifesto of BJP ( 2014) & Former Advisor to the Health Minister of India who played a key role in the National Health Policy culminating in the recently launched National Digital Health Mission [email protected]

Twitter: @rajendragupta 

Read the National Digital Health Blueprint Report here 

Read the Press Release here

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