Hungarian PBN successfully organises a conference on the future of health

18 October 2022

On the 11th of October, PBN, one of CONNECTINGHEALTH’s project partners, co-organized their national conference “The future in the health sector – Szombathely2030 Conference” together with the municipality of Szombathely. During the event, PBN successfully hosted the first two future workshops of CONNECTINGHEALTH on the topics of Digital Pharma and Therapeutics and on Telehealth and Patient monitoring.

PBN, one of CONNECTINGHEALTH’s project partners, co-organized a national conference in Szombathely, Hungary together with the municipality of Szombathely. The name of the conference was “The future in health sector – II. Szombathely2030 Conference”. As highlights of the health sector, PBN managed to invite national experts, such as Dr Árpád Rab (researcher for future technologies) and Zoltán Pályi (digitalisation technology centre leader, EGIS Pharmacy).

Important actors of the future technologies in the health sector had a dedicated section not only to introduce their company, but also to offer solutions and ideas for the upcoming years towards the digitalisation of this very important sectors. Companies, such as Aladdin Medical’s CEO, Sensomoniq Technologies Kft.’s CEO, Gábor Dorogi Centipede Labs’ CEO, Balázs Bakó project portfolio manager and Thomas Antalffy founder of Smart Respiratory gave insight into their views and ideas.

Later, a start-up idea competition started, where the competitors had 3 minutes speeches to come-up with innovative ideas strongly related to the future of the health and digitalisation sector. The ideas were very promising, and the jury prepared questions in relation to CONNECTINGHEALTH. Questions were asked such as how they could help the traditional health sector to prepare for the digitalisation? How could they find financial backgrounds for their ideas? How they think the digital pharmacy will influence the future of the health sector? How important they think the international audience is and how they think they can achieve to have international audience?

The first 3 winners of the competition were decided by the professional jury. 

  1. Dimedser
    The goal of their project is to make dementia care easier for relatives and caregivers by creating a reliable medication dispenser that can be monitored and controlled remotely. The device is suitable for storing several types of medicine for a longer period, which are administered at the right time and in the right amount after simple settings made on the phone. Since the dosage is not based on prior preparation, but takes place in real time, it can easily adapt to changes in drug therapy. If the person being cared for does not take out the dispensed medication at a given time, the device gives reminder signals at certain intervals and sends a notification to the user’s phone. Otherwise, when the medicine is taken on time, the device provides a kind of positive feedback, which, depending on individual choice, can be music, a nice family message, a drawing of the grandchild, so a pleasant consciousness can be associated with taking the medicine.
  2. H3spways (they also won the category of “public vote”)
    The goal of the H3spways project is global health modernization and integration of care and these systems making it safer and more efficient.
  3. iPASy
    The new diagnostic procedure is based on a urine test. With his help significantly. The specificity of screening and diagnostically relevant additional information can be increased can be obtained regarding the patient’s condition. With the new procedure, it can be distinguished a benign prostate enlargement and prostate cancer, and can be classified as a tumour into low, medium, and high-risk groups, and aggressive and non-aggressive into subtypes.

Other very promising ideas were presented and PBN is planning to involve some of the start-ups for the CONNECTINGHEALTH interviews and for field research areas.

During the conference, PBN hosted the first two future workshops of CONNECTINGHEALTH on the topics of Digital Pharma and Therapeutics and on Telehealth and Patient monitoring.

Overall, the event was very successful, it was attended by 150 visitors and 8 start-ups came to compete. The event was opened by the Mayor of Szombathely.

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