How design and technology is transforming healthcare: Insights from global experts

30 July 2018

Experts across the health ecosystem have shared their insights on the way healthcare is being impacted in a digitally connected world at a recent RMIT health innovation symposium in Europe.

The group presented at the Rethinking healthcare for the future symposium at RMIT Europe in Barcelona, which saw participants from health and social care, education and research, policy, industry, associations and funding organisations tackle topics on the role of design and technology in health. 

Here several of the key panellists share their insights. 

Design embeds the social in technology “For a really successful technology innovation, we need to think about how can we include ‘lived experience’ in technology and how can we think about the future through our lived experiences of the present.”
Distinguished Professor Larissa Hjorth Director of the Design & Creative Practice Enabling Capability Platform, RMIT University               
Healthcare redesign lets people make good choices at good moments “The role of the redesign of the healthcare system and the role of technology is to give more insight, more information as well as foster new habits for people to make good choices at good moments.”
Julien Venne Director of Strategy and Innovation, European Connected
Health Alliance (ECHAlliance)
Technology is an enabler to make things possible that weren’t possible before “From the design point of view, part of the transformation of healthcare is to understand what people would really like to have – to test out prototypes and try things with technology as a pure enabler – making things possible that weren’t possible before.”
Remko Vermeulen VP of Product, Telefónica Innovación Alpha
Design and technology offers more personalised care “With design and technology, we have a great opportunity to offer more personalised care to patients and to design services and products that are really designed for use within their own home, when they’re out in the community or within a hospital setting.”
Lisa Hollins Executive Director of Transformation and IT, King’s College Hospital
We should not focus and rely only on technology “Technology can help to connect all the pieces but we shouldn’t focus and rely on it alone. While we can do tech push, we need to understand more about patients and in this case what’s more important is market pull.”
Elisabeth M De Morentin Global Service Concepts Lead, Digital Health Solutions & Services, ROCHE

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