Help & Support to the Ukraine Biotech sector and Educational institutions

14 April 2022

Lithuanian Biotechnology Association stands with Ukraine and is ready to offer comprehensive help & support to the Ukraine Biotech sector with any organisational issues to enable the continuation of business & research activities, retention of employees, etc. LBTA members can assist in ensuring continuation of your business collaborations and research projects, take care of your equipment, valuable samples and etc. Contact LBTA if your organisation needs help or support via email: [email protected].

There are more organizations who contribute and can offer help for the Ukraine educational institutions, their academic staff and students:

Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) support fund will support students who suffered from military operations in Ukraine. The university is also prepared to welcome students and lecturers who are fleeing from war in Ukraine. The received funds are used for scholarships to the Ukrainians who come to study at VMU: the support covers their expenses on studies, accommodation, and settlement. If needed, these funds may also cover the students’ subsistence expenses. The donors may provide support to students from Ukraine in the form of money or their own products or services and provide the conditions to do paid internship at their companies or organizations, thus providing the students with possibilities to live independently during their studies in Lithuania.

More information: VMU Extends a Helping Hand to Ukraine: Everyone is Welcome to Donate | VDU

Contacts: [email protected]

Information for those who need help:

Vytautas Magnus University is lending a helping hand to Ukrainians. In 2020, a support fund was established at VMU for the students who suffered from state repression in Belarus. From now on, this fund will also support the students who have suffered from military operations in Ukraine.

In order to be eligible for the support, students have to fill in the application form and send it:

More information for current and future VMU students and lecturers: [email protected]

More information about support in English and Ukrainian languages:

University of Klaipėda has already declared its assistance to Ukrainian students and their families to the ministry. The institute is also ready to shelter 1-2 Ukrainian scientists.

Contacts: [email protected]

Vilnius University, Life Science Center has decided to contribute to this phase with the following initiatives:

  • To allocate premises at VU LSC for the temporary storage of donations collected by the Lithuanian Red Cross for Ukraine until they are complete and ready to be shipped to Ukraine.
  • Invite researchers/teachers from Ukraine who are collaborating with VU LSC and who have lost the opportunity to do academic work in their home country due to the Russian aggression, to come to Vilnius to be temporarily employed by VU LSC.
  • To express our opposition to the Russian aggression by sending letters of protest to the Russian institutions of science and studies, their departments, individual groups of scientists with whom we have had academic/disciplinary relations so far.
  • We also encourage all members of our community to participate in national actions in support of Ukraine.


Here are some of the initiatives you can contribute to or support:

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