Hear Direct from the Ministry of Health in Ukraine – Oleksii Iaremenko talks to the ECHAlliance Community

19 April 2022

Many of us within the ECHAlliance community have been watching the war unfold in Ukraine and have wanted to step up to offer help, services and support. Many of our Ecosystems bordering Ukraine have been involved with large programmes to house and support those fleeing the war. We established our ECHAlliance Ukraine Health Connector to try to do what we can to match needs and initiatives from within our global community.

Now you have the opportunity to hear directly from the Ukrainian Ministry of Health. On the 26th April, 15:30 CET we will gather our community in a special one hour webinar to listen to the needs from within Ukraine, with the Ministry of Health talking directly to our ECHAlliance community. We would invite you to attend this gathering and to share with your colleagues this opportunity to listen first hand to Oleksii Iaremenko from the Ministry of Health in Kyiv. 

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