Healthcare Shapers: Shaping the future of healthcare in a networked and holistic way

11 January 2023

We introduce you our latest member: Healthcare Shapers!

Healthcare Shapers are new to the ECHAlliance. The network consists of more than 130 experienced consultants and interim managers in the healthcare industry. The experts cover all facets of healthcare. From HCPs, hospitals and pharmacies to medical devices, pharma and biotech, to health IT, payers, and patient organizations.

Only knowledgeable practitioners who have qualified themselves professionally and personally in a multi-stage selection process can become partners in the network. Healthcare Shapers was founded in 2013 in Germany, branched out to the US in 2018, and kicked off a French-speaking chapter in 2022.

Clients trust the experts because they get to the point. And because Healthcare Shapers find the right experts swiftly. For more information, contact Günther Illert, founder of the network.

About Healthcare Shapers

Healthcare Shapers are a strong network of experienced consultants and interim managers in the healthcare industry. We design tailor-made, forward-looking and effective solutions to drive growth and success of our clients in current and future market environments.

From analysis to strategy development to implementation, our network offers access to the right consultants, interim managers or the well-established project team to develop competent, pragmatic solutions that can be implemented without overhead costs and drive the success of our clients.

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