Health Data Research UK is leading a £22million competition

21 May 2019

Health Data Research UK is leading a £22million competition to create up to five centres of excellence to pioneer the use of health data for research and innovation.

These centres – known as Digital Innovation Hubs – will enable researchers and innovators to have greater access to health data from the NHS, social care and research laboratories.

As well as helping to answer the most important and complex questions about our health and disease, the aim is to use data to radically improve people’s health and care by diagnosing disease earlier, finding new treatments and cures for diseases, speeding up drug development, and giving people faster access to more personalised treatments.

The overall four-year Digital Innovation Hub Programme is a £37million investment from UK Research and Innovation as part of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) to create up to five world-leading Hubs across the UK.

It is a key element of the ISCF Data to Early Diagnosis and Precision Medicine challenge, placing early diagnosis and best treatments for particular patients at the heart of a national approach to better health.  This builds on many recent healthcare technological advances, including in digital health and genomics, and on broader developments in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

They will also create a common access point to UK health research data through a ‘Gateway’ that will ensure data is findable, accessible and used safely and responsibly.  The data will allow experts to research the genetic, lifestyle and social factors behind many familiar common diseases and identify revealing data trends which may help with finding cures or treatments.

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Closing date: 2 Jul 2019 17:00 GMT+1

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