HD Labs secure Innovate UK Fast Start funding

4 October 2022

HD Labs are pleased to announce they have been awarded Innovate UK Fast Start funding to develop an Automated version of their Ethical AI Assurance Service.

The Centre for Data Ethics & Integrity (CDEI) and the Alan Turing Institute are developing principles for trustworthy AI on behalf of the UK Government, who then will pass them to care quality bodies to enforce.

However, digital health innovators are still faced with a confusing choice of frameworks and toolkits and lack practical guidance on how to apply them and understand how they relate to other industry regulations and international standards. A Key area of this project is the requirement to work with Public and Patient Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) groups to test and rapid prototype to fulfil the co-design aspect of the service.

HD Labs are at the start of this programme to help organisations embed ethics and would like to reach out to business owners considering implementing automation into their current workflows. If interested, please email Melissa Wood: [email protected] 

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