Gnomon & UNICOM: Up-scaling the global univocal identification of medicines

4 April 2023

The Gnomon Informatics S.A., as a consortium member and the lead of the work package “Software and extensions for [email protected] (CEF eHDSI) in the EU project “UNICOM” have created a software factory that satisfies the required regulatory compliance criteria for the application of the Identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP) suite of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards. This includes the development of necessary components for the EU member states national contact points for eHealth (NCPeH) and modules connecting systems to the IDMP Medicinal Products Databases, as well as the enhancement of the User Portal’s reference implementation.

The UNICOM project focuses on the application of the IDMP to improve patient safety and healthcare for all. Activities include additional standardization, testing, implementation, and dissemination for: 

  • regulatory purposes of national medicinal products authorities and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) 
  • global pharmacovigilance 
  • advancing cross-border digital health services, particularly medication information in ePrescription, eDispensation, and patient summary 
  • better healthcare for all, better public health services, more empowered clinical research, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence applications. 

We at Gnomon are excited to share that the [email protected] user interfaces has been improved to provide smart and fair substitution function and utilization of the IDMP in eDispensation scenario. This has been made possible through an implementation of an open API on top of the Medicinal Product Database, enabling a universal reference connector with an IDMP compliant medicinal product database and dictionary. 

Moreover, the extended CDA display tool has been updated to include IDMP medicinal product information and give end users an enhanced ePrescription and Patient Summary visualization. 

These developments were made to implement the IDMP business concepts and to ensure safe drug distribution throughout Europe while complying with national prescribing and dispensing standards. These updates will enhance the user experience of [email protected] exchange and pave the way for more efficient, safe, and fair drug distribution across borders. 

One of the latest developments was the release of “IDMP in a capsule” is a condensed document regarding the identification, management, and reporting of medicines. As a part of its participation in the Pan-Hellenic Congress on Economics and Health Policy 2022, UNICOM has produced and released a Greek version of this document. This will help key Greek stakeholders to better understand the benefits of implementing the national plan and promote awareness and consensus.

The UNICOM project is now at its 3rd year finalizing all the software artifacts and testing tools, and preparing the next phase of pilots focusing on the patient by creating patient-facing apps to empower the information to the patient. 

Learn more about this project: 

Contact person: 

Alexander Berler 

International Projects Leader & Head of consulting services 

[email protected] 

The UNICOM Innovation Action has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 875299. 


IDMP IN A CAPSULE GR: UNICOM_IDMP-in-a-capsule_Greek_04.pdf ( 

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