GMDVA Grants Support Global Doctor Digital Upskilling

28 April 2022

The Global Medical Doctor Validation Association GMDVA has provided a substantial number of grants to enable doctors through the HTC DIUP Digital Surgery Program. Surgeons benefitting from the grants are part of the GMDVA alliance including the OpenSourceResearch Collaboration OSRC, the High Tech Surgery Association HTC, and Emergenza Sorrisi.

GMDVA feels a deep connection to the ECH Alliance pillars of Community, Knowledge and Innovation by helping to make these types of Digital Innovation Upskilling Programs a reality.

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Access to the right therapies & treatments. Trust is one of the greatest costs of doing business. In medicine and healthcare it is even more important. Validating doctors is becoming more and more difficult. Knowing what treatments and therapies are valid, available and which ones work together has become increasingly difficult, requiring new approaches. 

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