Globant report: A new approach in pharma, prioritizing patient-centered experiences

30 January 2023
Globant report: A new approach in pharma, prioritizing patient-centered experiences

Technologies such as metaverse, AI, telemedicine, data analytics or computer vision are key drivers of the transformation of the healthcare ecosystem that promotes a patient-centered model. Explore this report and dive into the latest trends that are reinventing the healthcare industry.

Trends in the pharmaceutical industry and their role as a driver of the transformation of the healthcare ecosystem.

The emergence of new ways of engaging with patients and building tools for patient empowerment, as well as changes in the ecosystem and the disruption of COVID-19, have forced the healthcare industry to shift its perspective to put the patient first in order to ensure better healthcare outcomes, a trend that has been called “”patient centricity”” in the marketplace.

Technology and the availability of information are key drivers of this shift by opening the door to the digitization of healthcare so that patients worldwide can fulfill their needs in a more personalized and efficient manner.

You can access to more information and download the white paper here.

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