GEEF Masterclass Digital Prevention Systems in Care (Digital Health Friesland Ecosystem)

15 October 2018
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Digital Health Friesland Ecosystem organized a masterclass on September, 18th, 2018.

35 Participants from Friesland, Noord-Holland and Eindhoven.

The main goal of this masterclass was the early signaling and preventive treatment of misunderstood behavior, predominantly concerning elderly with dementia and other mental vulnerable persons. 

Reinier Hakvoort, team manager at care company Patyna, brought various practical situations from his experience on the workfloor of his intramural care organisation. 

In the masterclass we supplemented this daily practice with a theoretical foundation about prevention in healthcare by lecturer Bouke Aalbers from NHL Stenden university for applied sciences and by an explanation from De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar (local insurance company, eager to innovate and represented by manager Nynke van der Meulen) about their vision and policy on prevention. 

We used all this information to investigate with each other which digital solutions might be available and what added value can be achieved for the healthcare client with digital prevention. For example, in the field of extending the quality of life, worthy care and efficiency. In a time frame of 2.5 hours we succeeded to fathom digital preventive care systems with health care professionals. After all, technology can complement and reinforce their professional perception of misunderstood behavior among vulnerable people. 

How can technology ensure that health care professionals even better or earlier see perceived misunderstood behavior amongst vulnerable people? So we were actually looking for a digital version of a “pre-early warning system”. With this combined form of prevention in health care, it must be possible to preserve the existing quality of life, to prevent more serious symptoms in those people, reduce the use of medicines and thus to use costly guidance and treatment at least in a more targeted way. As participants in the masterclass, we inspired each other about digitization and prevention. 

Inspiration certainly came from a start-up company in Eindhoven with pilot tooling to measure upcoming changes in a persons mental condition by analyzing some physical features on the skin.

Mentech may be part of the digital solutions to realise a kind of early warning system. Their presentation, partly in English, is added to this new item.

Digital Health Friesland Ecosystem will start a project to enable “digital prevention” in the beginning of 2019.

Download the brochure here

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