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The Global Health Connector Partnership @ HLTH

Join Healthcare’s #1 Innovation Event Gathering senior leaders across the health ecosystem to solve healthcare’s most pressing problems and realize the most promising opportunities to create health’s future.

The Global Health Connector Partnership @ HLTH

Starts at:

Sunday, 8 October 2023 - 00:00

Ends at:​

Wednesday, 11 October 2023 - 00:00

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Las Vegas,
United States

ECHAlliance and HLTH Global Health Connector Village

The Global Village have focused on the latest innovations in digital health. Participating companies and startups have enjoyed a centralised presence on the expo floor, and had an opportunity to took part in Hosted Buyer and Funding Founders programs connecting companies with buyers and startups with interested investors.

Download the village program’s slide decks:
8 October   |   9 October   |   10 October

Key Event

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HLTH 2023 Partner Programme

Day 1

9.30h – 9.31h - Introduction & Welcome

Bleddyn Rees - Chair, The Digital Health Society

9.31h – 9.50h - What Is Happening in Healthcare Around the World? Insight from ECHAlliance, The Global Health Connector

Update on the work of international ecosystem community network, including the UN General Assembly Science Summit in New York in September 2023 and activities in Africa and India.

  • Bleddyn Rees - Chair, The Digital Health Society
  • Brian O'Connor - Chair, ECHAlliance, The Global Health Connector
  • Jean Philbert Nsengimana – Chief Digital Advisor to Africa Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 
9.50h – 10.10h - Digital Health Innovation & Use Cases for Pharma
  • Pirkka Padmanabhan - Partner McKinsey & Co
  • Lisa Banks - VP Global Head of Digital Innovation GSK
  • Kathleen Aller - Director of Market Strategy, Healthcare at Intersystems
10.10h -10.25h - Start-ups: Incubators, Accelerators and Venture Funding Support

What resources are available from InterSystems to US and international start-ups for digital health innovation? ECHAlliance will outline funding opportunities for US businesses in Europe and European businesses in the US.

  • Dean Andrews - InterSystems
  • Andy Bleaden - Communities Director, ECHAlliance
10.25h - 10.40h - Global Health Connector US Strategy and Ecosystem Communities

Jon Warner & Nicole Althaus - ECHAlliance, The Global Health Connector US Ambassadors

10.40h – 10.45h - The Launch of HLTH Europe June 2024: What Is It All About?

Sam Nicholl - HLTH Europe

10.45h – 11.00h - Audience Q&a With All Speakers

Day 2

Match need and solution
A strong community is established with regular quarterly meetings, events and opportunities to network and collaborate.
Break down silos
We encourage and build collaboration across our International Network of Digital Health Ecosystems by building successful cooperation across geographic boundaries to build trust and learn from the experiences across different health systems.
Create economic growth
Ecosystems create mutually beneficial partnerships to improve the delivery of health and social care and provide real economic benefits – using the economic potential within the health economy to help grow the regions economy.
Transform healthcare
Our International Digital Health Ecosystems are multi-stakeholder groups with the patient at the core, driving the agenda, leading with the need.


Global Health Connector Village

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