SolidMcr 002: Solid Empowering Healthcare & Enhancing Due Diligence

SolidMcr 002: Solid Empowering Healthcare & Enhancing Due Diligence

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Thursday, 22 September 2022 - 16:30

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Thursday, 22 September 2022 - 19:30

SolidMcr 002: Solid Empowering Healthcare & Enhancing Due Diligence

SolidMcr 002 welcomes speakers: David Crack, Co-Founder of CDD Services – a newly approved Government Identity and Orchestration service provider; John Farenden, Senior Programme Lead at NHS England; Stephen Dobson, Chief Information Officer at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust; and Max Leonard, Principal Technologist at Inrupt. Register now and see you on 22 September from 17:30 to 20:30 BST!

McKinsey recently stated that Web3 is one of the top trends for 2022. 2023 is going to be an exciting time for the increased adoption of decentralised data solutions. This should strongly signal to companies, organisations, and thought-leaders that early engagement in industry discussions about how Solid can add value to a Web3 transformation strategy, is a key activity in becoming pioneers in your sector.

The last few years have accelerated the demand for shared data across services, pushing interoperability to the forefront, accompanied by advances in Web 3.0 Semantic Web decentralised data and identity and the Solid Pod Specification. Speaking to this demand, Pods can power ecosystems of interoperable applications where individuals are free to use their data seamlessly across different applications and services.

Community Updates:

Melissa Wood (SolidMcr Founder & Organiser)

Quick update on anything new or any other changes.

Speaker Lineup:

David Crack (CDD Services)

David is a Co-Founder of CDD Services which provides consultancy, services, and software to digitally transform customer, employee, and supplier due diligence. Soon to be a certified ID and Attribute Service Provider under the Government’s Digital Trust Framework.

David will introduce two products – SafeGuarden and Spotlite – and will talk about the benefits of building these products with an architecture using Solid Pods, as well as put out a Collaboration Call for help getting these products to market. There is a particular interest in those operating within the Greater Manchester Social Care sector.

SafeGuarden: is a Community Interest Company (CIC) allowing individuals to mutually own, control and share personal data. Businesses using personal data hosted in Safeguarden no longer have the requirement of them to keep an individual’s contact information up-to-date or worry about how they communicate with an individual – they only need to link to the relevant Pod.

Spotlite: links to SafeGuarden for Due Diligence processes. Such as Customer Due Diligence, like Right to Rent and KYC; Employee Due Diligence, like Right to Work, Pre-Employment Screening and Onboarding; and Supplier Due Diligence, like preventing modern slavery and qualification or DBS checks – saving time and money by removing friction from the user journey. Spotlite enables the mobilisation of services and resources quickly whilst asynchronously providing evidence of compliance with external regulation and internal policy.

John Farenden (NHS England)

John is a Senior Programme Lead at NHS England. Last year the G7 health ministers made a commitment to increase use of the International Patient Summary. John will talk about the Proof of Concept work that NHS England subsequently commissioned and the potential role of PODS.

Stephen Dobson (Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust)

Stephen is a Chief Information Officer at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. He will explore the opportunity to improve our experience of accessing public services – a perspective from an NHS Trust level.

Max Leonard (Inrupt)

Max is a Principal Technologist at Inrupt and he will introduce what Inrupt does and will explain the Enterprise Solid Server.


5:30pm Doors open / networking (with pizzas and drinks ) *

6:00pm: Mel Wood (SolidMcr)

6:05pm: David Crack (CDD Services)

6:30pm: John Farenden (NHS England)

6:55pm: Stephen Dobson (Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust)

7:20pm: Max Leonard (Inrupt)

7:45pm: Break / Refresh / Network

8:00pm: Select Panel / Audience Q&A

8:30pm: Afterparty drinks at Hatch (next door)

* questions, allergies or dietary requirements, please contact Mel Wood (info@melissawood.co.uk)


The amazing team over at Inrupt has kindly sponsored drinks & pizza for this event for everyone, be sure to check them out. A little about them:

Sir Tim co-founded Inrupt to spark an ecosystem around Solid, the open-source web platform he developed through years of research at MIT. Now Inrupt is driving Solid forward with world-class talent, putting individuals in control of their data and giving organisations new opportunities to create value for their customers and citizens worldwide.

The great team at HD Labs support this community group by way of Mel’s time to meet & greet, network and organise the events during work hours. Along with some much appreciated small financial help for things like recording kit.

The global community SolidWorld also extends their support to SolidMcr. Be sure to check out their monthly events for updates on all things Solid around the globe.

Discover more about HD Labs:
HD Labs are a UK-based startup in Data Orchestration, Enterprise Conversational Intelligence and AI / Machine Learning. Our mission is about connecting people, technology and curiosity and inspiring new ways to improve people’s lives through technology.


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