HIMSS23 European Healthcare Conference and Exhibition

HIMSS23 European Healthcare Conference and Exhibition

Starts at:

Wednesday, 7 June 2023 - 08:00

Ends at:​

Friday, 9 June 2023 - 17:00

HIMSS23 European Healthcare Conference and Exhibition

We are looking forward to Karolina Mackiewicz, Innovation Director at ECHAlliance, speaking slot at HIMSS to learn about Green Health.
HIMSS23 Europe, the most influential digital health conference in the continent, will bring together the region’s healthcare ecosystem in Portugal at the Centro de Congressos de Lisbon from 7-9 June 2023, to explore “Health that Connects + Tech that Cares,” HIMSS announced.

The Health Cluster Portugal and SPMS (Shared Services of the Ministry of Health) are the strategic partners of this Conference, positioning Portugal in international markets as a technological and quality reference. The organisation of the European HIMSS Conference in 2023 in our country is another strategic step taken by Portugal.

Join us at this Conference in Lisbon, visit the portuguese Pavilion under the Health Portugal trademark and meet the portuguese ecosystem of Health. As echalliance is a network partner of the Health Cluster Portugal, we invite you to register using this promotional code (EU2310)

Register here: https://www.himss.org/event-himss-europe/registration

Pre Conference Events

Pre Conference Events The following sessions that are taking place on the pre-conference day, 7 June 2023, require additional registration. Please see the optional events section during registration.

Pre-Conference day – 7 June

Telehealth Masterclass: the decline of telehealth services post-Covid boom 13:45-15:45
Rethinking Cybersecurity for a Connected WorldDefending hospitals and clinics against cyber attack is becoming ever-more challenging as new, connected technologies are often adopted faster than they can be secured. High profile ransomware attacks have forced hospitals to suspend operations on many occasions but these headline stories are just the tip of the iceberg. How do you assess the risk of internet-connected medical devices and systems inadvertently exposing information about us online? What about the supply chain – could weaknesses there be jeopardising everyone’s security and safety as healthcare becomes more dependent than ever on cloud-based systems, third-party service providers and vendors? This masterclass will scan the horizon for new cybersecurity threats in increasingly interconnected health ecosystems and look at what mitigating action can be taken.10:30-12:30
Advancing AI in Healthcare: New Policies and DeploymentsThe explosion in AI to tackle a growing plethora of challenges in healthcare raises vital questions around ethics, trust and explainability. What are the game-changing new use cases for AI and where is the evidence of impact? How do creators of new AI technologies ensure ethics and reducing health disparities are written into the DNA of design and implementation? What repercussions will the trailblazing EU AI Act – set to create the world’s first broad standards for regulating AI –  have on healthcare? Join our experts for cutting-edge case studies in AI, exploration of the ethical and legal issues and lively discussion on how to maximise AI’s potential in the health ecosystem.10:30-12:30
Tech, the Metaverse and EverythingCome face-to-face with a Sci Fi future that’s already here in this workshop on hot new trends in technology and what they will mean for healthcare. From Web3 and the metaverse to ChatGPT, other Large Language Models (LLMs), digital twins and more, be inspired, entertained, and awed by futuristic technology that’s no longer just on the horizon but – like it or not –has arrived with a Big Bang and is set to revolutionise the way we live, work and care for patients. Explore real-world use cases for LLMs in healthcare and the boundless possibilities of the metaverse. Debate the controversial questions surrounding these technologies that are setting social media on fire, around trust, ethics, regulation, interoperability and more. While the full potential of the metaverse and other futuristic technologies may not be felt in healthcare for years to come, this workshop is an opportunity for clinicians and entrepreneurs alike to start preparing for a very different – and certainly more virtual – reality.13:45-15:45
Unleashing the Potential of Apps and Digital TherapeuticsThis session will dive into the latest in governance, regulation and validation of mobile health apps and digital therapeutics, examining progress in payment and reimbursement structures, as well as hearing from regional experts on how changing attitudes to recommending and prescribing apps by healthcare professionals will impact the adoption and engagement of these digital tools.  How can they leverage real impact in the sphere of prevention, management and support for patients?  Is the latest research on behaviour change and lifestyle interventions being incorporated into efficient and engaging tools for management of disease?  Come and find out!10:30-12:30
Innovation Forum: Succeeding as a Healthtech EntrepreneurIn the rapidly expanding world of digital health – dominated by tech giants and a maze of regulation – how do you make it big as a small health start-up? You may have already defined a genuine unmet need in healthcare and designed a solution around it. Where do you go from there? Who do you collaborate with to pitch your bright idea, secure investment, gain access to the acute sector, and get that all-important proof of concept by testing your digital product in the real world? How do you do all this while navigating an increasingly complex regulatory landscape in Europe with GDPR and new EU legislation on the horizon such as the EU AI Act, Data Act and European Health Data Space?  This interactive workshop is designed to support you to succeed as a health tech entrepreneur, offering insider tips from investors, payors, providers, clinicians, patients and big tech. The session will be packed with inspiring examples of start-up journeys to learn from and opportunities to question global innovation experts.10:30-12:30
SPMS Workshop 10:30-12:30
Nordic WorkshopOnce more, the HIMSS Nordic Community will organise a workshop to keep nurturing collaboration among all five Nordic countries in order to help support an integrated health system at the regional level. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet healthcare leaders from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. More information will be released soon.13:45-15:45
Dutch WorkshopThe HIMSS Dutch Community will get together at the HIMSS23 European Conference to keep the discussions around the sustainability of Dutch healthcare alive and demonstrate some of the best practices from The Netherlands. More information will be released soon.13:45-15:45


 Early Bird
until 27 March 2023
Advance rate
28 March 2023 – 24 April 2023
Standard/Onsite rate
25 April 2023 – 9 June 2023
HIMSS Member Rates
Employees of Healthcare Organisations / Clinicians & Government Agencies€ 425€ 525€ 625
Individuals from vendor companies who are not sponsoring the event / Solution Providers / Consultants € 1,125€ 1,525€ 1,925
Healthcare Providers who apply to become a HIMSS member € 425€ 525€ 625
NonMember Rates
Employees of Health Organisations / Clinicians / Government Agencies € 525€ 625€ 725
Individuals from vendor companies who are not sponsoring the event / Solution Providers / Consultants € 1,199€ 1,599€ 1,999


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