Innohealth Academy/ECHAlliance Simposium

Innohealth Academy/ECHAlliance Simposium

Starts at:

Friday, 18 October 2024 - 13:30

Ends at:​

Friday, 18 October 2024 - 20:00

Event Location:


Join the upcoming 2024 INNOHEALTH ACADEMY /ECHALLIANCE hybrid symposium in Barcelona on October 18 from 14:00 to 20:00 CET, where leading healthcare innovation experts will share the latest advancements and insights.



  • Encourage Expert Dialogue: Within the European framework, create a forum where experts, researchers, and managers can discuss and deepen the challenges facing public and private health systems in Catalonia and Spain.
  • Exploring Emerging Trends: Our symposium is dedicated to investigating the current trends in healthcare, technology, and demographics shaping the landscape of public and private healthcare systems. This exploration will equip us with the knowledge to assess their present and future effects, ensuring we are prepared for the future of healthcare.
  • Identify Leadership and Resilience Strategies: Discuss strategic approaches to cultivating effective leadership and developing a skilled and resilient health workforce prepared to meet future challenges effectively.
  • Analyse Strategies for Sustainability in Health Systems: Examine methods to ensure the sustainability of health systems, considering not only financial viability but also environmental responsibility.
  • Propose Action Line Recommendations: Based on the symposium’s deliberations, develop and present clear recommendations that provide practical guidelines for health policymakers.




13:30 Registration (in person).

14:00 Light lunch (in person).

14:30 Start of telepresence connection.

15:00 Welcome to participants. Objectives of the Symposium.

Brian O’Connor. ECHAlliance,   Jaime del Barrio. ASD &  Joan Cornet. InnoHealth Academy.

15:15 Keynote Speaker.

15:45 Debate 1. Challenges for the future of health systems:

The Catalan, Spanish, and European healthcare systems are facing complex challenges of a different nature. The impact of demographics, social changes, emerging trends in health, innovation, and new technologies such as AI and IAG are urgently pushing to diagnose the situation and seek new proposals for transforming health systems.

17:00 Coffee break.

17:30 Debate 2. Strengthening excellence:

To achieve a true transformation of health systems, it is necessary to foster new leadership styles at all management levels in health management and services, particularly in management autonomy, new skills training and care for health professionals, and improving quality and patient care.

To truly transform health systems, it is necessary to promote new leadership styles at all levels of management and management of the different services. This is to achieve greater management autonomy that supports training in new skills and care for professionals, increases excellence, and guarantees quality of life and patient care.

18:45 Debate 3Sustainability of the health system and organisations:

Strategies to make health systems sustainable, not only from a financial perspective but also in terms of environmental protection.

20:00 Conclusions and “what’s Next”: Call for Action

20:30  Farewell.


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