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Wednesday, 29 November 2023 - 09:00

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Wednesday, 29 November 2023 - 18:00

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From Education to Practice: CYBERSEC & GDPR in Health Conference to Address the Cybersecurity and Data Protection Needs of the Healthcare Industry

Leading industry experts will gather at the highly acclaimed international conference “CYBERSEC & GDPR in Health” on November 29, 2023 for its fifth edition. Registration for the free conference has already begun with a limited number of stationary seats.


The conference, which attracts hundreds of attendees each year, will answer, among other things, questions about the:

  • Cyber security in the medical sector – how to efficiently secure medical data and protect yourself from cyber attacks and data leakage? How to respond in case of cyber attacks?
  • Medical data for non-medical purposes – what is the European perspective on secondary processing of medical data? How does Poland regulate access to medical data?
  • GDPR in health care – how the processing and protection of personal data in the health sector is handled?


This year, representatives of the Ministry of Digitization, the Center for e-Health, the Patient Ombudsman, the Office for Personal Data Protection, the Scientific and Academic Computer Network, the Institute of the Polish Mother’s Health Center and the DZP law firm are among the members of the Conference’s Scientific Council.


With the increasing reliance on digital technology in medical practices and the growing benefits of using it, the issue of cyber security is becoming increasingly important. Patient medical data and medical systems are at greater risk of attack, causing malfunctions, lack of access to data, or leakage of sensitive medical data. Digital security relies on well-educated personnel, so raising awareness of cyber security in health is becoming increasingly important.


The goal of the conference is to educate and upskill personnel in the area of cyber security and data protection. During the conference, attendees will have the opportunity to discover new insights into cybersecurity, hear practical tips from experts, and learn about the latest tools and techniques for protecting data. All this with the participation of leading experts in the field who will share their knowledge and experience.


The conference will also focus on access to and processing of medical data, including the importance of data in conducting research, quality assurance and public policy making.


This year’s event will feature a wide range of experts and decision-makers, including representatives from Poland’s largest healthcare entities, academia and government. The conference will also discuss best practices for securing patient data and protecting against cyber attacks, as well as how to respond to cyber attacks and how to handle such a situation in accordance with patients’ rights and GDPR laws. The conference’s target audience is representatives of medical facilities, entrepreneurs, IT directors of medical facilities, lawyers, public administration, research and development centers, business environment institutions, and patients and patient organizations.


The event is co-organized by the Polish Hospital Federation, wZdrowiu expert team, DZP law firm and Lazarski University. The conference is international and will be held with simultaneous translation from Polish to English.


Registration for the Conference is available free of charge at https://rodowzdrowiu.pl/en/ 




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