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Monday, 25 January 2021 - 08:00

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Thursday, 28 January 2021 - 17:00


ECHAlliance is pleased to be partnering with AgeingFit Event. We will participate in the following sessions:

  • Brian O´Connor, ECHAlliance’s Chair will moderate the session Healthy ageing in action: Which strategies can advance well-being across the life course? on 25th January 11.00 am – 12.30 pm CET.
  • Karolina Mackiewicz, International Projects Manager at ECHAlliance will talk about Smartwork project “AI in working environment | older office workers | wellbeing at work” during the Innovation Pitches Session on 25th January from 4 pm to 6 pm. Learn more here.

About Brian’s session:
Most of the health problems of old age are triggered by declines in physical and mental capacity and are linked to chronic conditions. Many of these can be prevented or delayed by healthy behaviours and by the environments that support them. Improving wellbeing and enabling people to remain active, can also reduce dependency, relieving the burdens on health systems.
How can we intervene earlier to make ageing better? How can we integrate health care systems to better provide care across the lifespan? How can we effectively make use of technology to deliver preventative services and interventions? What are the best and most sustainable investments to foster healthy and active ageing across the life course?

Introduction: Aesio / Charlotte Krieg

Moderator: Brian O’Connor, Chair, Echalliance (UK)
David Sinclair, Director, International Longevity Centre (UK)
Katja Drost, Science practitioner, tanteLouise (NL)
Irina Kalderon Libal, Policy Officer, European Commission (LU) – TBC
Erwin Heeneman, Public Engagement Manager, Achmea Insurance (NL)
Tom Stubbs, CEO, Chronomics (UK)


AgeingFit 2021 will be hosted fully online, from January 25th to 28th 2021


With the attendance of retirement and nursing homes, hospitals, research institutes and academia together with healthy ageing companies and investors, AgeingFit is the leading event in Europe for innovations in the Healthy Ageing sector.


AgeingFit will enable participants to source innovative technologies and products, promote their innovations to specialized institutions, build partnerships with financing structures and facilitate exchanges between these different participants.

Out of 600 AgeingFit attendees, 500 deals have been generated. The breakdown in terms of nature of deals is the following:

  • 50% of business collaborations (distribution deals, sales of products and services…)
  • 25% of R&D collaborations
  • 25% of financing deals

Estimate based on the measurement of 2018 and 2019 delegates’ outcomes


  • 600+ delegates
  • 300+ organisations
  • 25+ countries represented
  • 500 deals generated in 2019


For its 5th edition, AgeingFit will gather actors from silver economy as industries, service providers, accommodation and care facilities, private and public research institutes, specialized associations and clusters, investors, health insurance providers, legislators and institutions.

In 2020, for example, we have been able to count on the presence of: Apréva, Stanley Healthcare, KPMG, Santélys, AG2R La Mondiale, McCain, Korian,  Silver Valley, AAL Programme, Age platform Europe, Bpifrance, Mediterranean Tower Ventures, Bluelinea, Carecom, Cottos Medical,  Health Valley Netherlands, Groupe SOS Senior, Innovate UK, Kerosty Mobility Solutions, Smart Ageing Living Labs, Aesio…  For the complete list of 2020 participants, click >>here<<.



Please feel free to widely share this document with your colleagues, network, partners…

NEW THIS YEAR: AgeingFit will be organized together with NutrEvent


ECHAlliance Members receive a special discount to register. Please contact Heather@echalliance to get your discount code.


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