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World Without Disease Summit

June 21 @ 09:00 18:00

Join World Without Disease Summet on the 21st June 2023 in London – Delivering future health through disease interception. Register now for this event.


Pharmaphorum is proud to announce its inaugural “The World Without Disease Summit”: a high quality, two-day event bringing together key global leaders and innovators to explore the potential of disease interception in future health, which has been conceived in partnership with an established industry leader in this space, Ben Wiegand, Founding Partner at CWWDA (The Connected World Without Disease Accelerator) and former senior executive at United Health and Janssen.

The World Without Disease Summit recognises that health systems globally have reached a critical inflexion point, where aging populations and tightening budgets mean we can no longer continue to purely treat late-stage symptomatic disease. Instead, a new paradigm is needed where equal emphasis is placed on earlier disease prediction, prevention, and interception, which can deliver vastly improved outcomes for patients in a much more sustainable manner. Delivering on this vision requires strong collaboration between multiple stakeholders within the industry and health systems, most notably those addressing the clinical, regulatory and investment challenges that must be addressed to realise this opportunity.

This is the vision of a World Without Disease, which necessitates bringing together the key stakeholders, plus the latest medical and digital technologies.

Join us on the 21st June 2023 in London, where the smartest minds in these fields will convene to understand how we can bring this vision to life

Learn more about World Without Disease Accelerator (CWWDA):

The Connected World Without Disease Accelerator (CWWDA) primarily focus on three health conditions: Early Childhood Health, Metabolic Health & Mental Health. Their initial focus areas today are in childhood obesity and childhood allergy.

So much of our health care system is about disease care. Their dominant paradigm is “diagnose and treat”: we get sick and go to the doctor looking for help. But given the exponential increases in biological understanding and health care data we increasingly can shift to a “predict and pre-empt” paradigm in which we understand personalized risks and susceptibilities and track the earliest manifestations of disease – and intervene before it is too late. This will herald a transformation, from disease care to true health care.