Evaluation and innovation in Health meet at the Mobile World Congress in collaboration with AQuAS

27 February 2023

– The MWC will host the first meeting of the Value-Based Procurement Subcommittee, led by Rossana Alessandrello, AQuAS Director of Value-Based Procurement, part of ECHAlliance Catalan Ecosystem.
The Health Quality and Evaluation Agency of Catalonia, presents the new methodological framework for the evaluation of digital health technologies at the 4YFN in a health space coordinated with Biocat i ACCIÓ.

The Health Quality and Assessment Agency of Catalonia (AQuAS) is participating this year in the Mobile World Congress, which is held from February 27 to March 2. Within the framework of the most influential international congress of mobile telephony, the 4YFN takes place, which hosts the most outstanding startups and has an area dedicated to health, where AQuAS, Biocat and ACCIÓ have promoted a space for the promotion of companies with innovative proposals focused on the field of health.

AQuAS, as an organization focused on the evaluation and analysis of data for the improvement of the health system, explains the new methodological framework for the evaluation of digital health technologies on which the Agency is working. The initiative responds to the need to have a specific evaluation method for digital technologies, due to the intrinsic particularities presented by this type of technology.

This framework focuses on the evaluation of those digital technologies considered health products or mobile devices that have medical, health, well-being or system efficiency purposes. Specifically, they are applications for smartphones, wearable devices, stand-alone software, online tools to treat or diagnose conditions, prevent health problems or improve system efficiency, and programs that can be used to analyze data from medical devices, such as scanners, sensors or monitors.

Value in innovation and transformation of the health system

The MWC is also the venue chosen to hold the first meeting of the value-based Purchasing subcommittee of the Departmental Commission for Innovation and Transformation of the Health System, created in January 2022 with the aim of promoting innovation in health and its application to the system.

The Value-Based Purchasing subcommittee is one of six working groups that are part of the main committee. Its assignments include defining the methodological framework for value-based purchasing in the health system and creating a registry of purchasing procedures that allows, on the one hand, to evaluate and improve the methodological framework and, on the other hand, to assess the impact of ‘these purchases in improving people’s health and well-being. Rossana Alessandrello, director of value-based procurement at AQuAS, leads the coordination of the subcommittee.

The Commission is also in charge of coordinating the strategy for the use of Next Generation EU (NGEU) funds in the field of health and within the framework of the Next Generation Catalonia project, as well as the funds from the multi-annual financial framework 2021 -2027 and the European framework program in force, as key instruments for the adoption of innovation and the generation of transformations in the health system promoted by the Department of Health, the Catalan Health Service (CatSalut) and the Health Quality and Assessment Agency of Catalonia (AQuAS).

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